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  • 650w G2 80 plus Gold - accidently plugged SATA drive via EVGA SATA power cord to PERIP
2019/11/25 11:23:39
After I added my new SATA drive by using the PERIP port accidentally, my system seemed to become completely unstable. My Thunderbolt PCI-E card in my system is randomly not showing up, my display (also PCI-E) stopped working for a second...
But, everything I've read suggested the PERIP port and the SATA port on the PSU are interchangeable. Is that true or is that only the cables that are interchangeable?
2019/11/25 12:16:58
That is true.
2019/11/25 13:17:55
SATA and PERIF are interchangeable, otherwise, the connectors would be keyed different and not fit.
Just make sure you bring the new drive online, then use the wizard to assign a drive letter to it and quick format it so that it's good to go..Roll from there.

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