2019/11/22 07:34:14
First post on the forum so a bit unsure if I'm posting in the correct section. If it's incorrect I apologize in advance. 
I believe after some testing and asking around that my power supply is in some way faulty. From what I understand after looking through the products is that I have the old version of the 1300 G2, without the ECO Mode function. I'm a bit unsure what information is necessary, but I'll try to include what I think might be considered as such.
The symptoms so far have been:
The PSU fan sounds considerably louder, and is now louder than the CPU and GPU, unlike before when it was very quiet in comparison to any other mechanically moving component in the system.
The computer will shut down in what appears to be completely random scenarios such as idle, while browsing, while watching videos. So it's not exactly being put under stress. No BSOD or any other kind of forewarning or error message, just instantaneous power loss to the PC. 
Experiencing stutter related to what I think is CPU performance parallel to noticing PSU issues. Stutter occurs in scenarios where it's not logical that there would be any stutter, such as windows environment under single digit % load.
Every component is run at stock.
-CPU: Intel i7 4790k 
-GPU: AMD 5700 XT Nitro+
-PSU: 1300 G2 (Older model, no ECO Mode switch?)
-RAM: 32gb DDR3 (4x8gb)
-Drives: 2x sata SSD and 3x 7200rpm HDD
-CPU cooler: Kraken x61
I don't have access to any special kind of tools to do rigorous testing, but I've tried a few things such as:
-Temperature monitoring for CPU, CPU, Motherboard. (All well within specs. CPU and GPU practically never above 30c and 40c in idle, and 60c and 67c under load) Would like to have seen PSU temps here, but as far as I know there are no sensors for that, and I do not have the tools to do it manually.
-Cleaned out computer of any kind of dust with compressed air, including PSU.
-Ran som stress tests and error checking applications such as Prime95, Aida64, Memtest86. (Stress tests showed no throttle, high temps, or other noticeable abnormalities. Memtest showed no errors after 4 passes)
-Reinstalling Windows to exclude any type of software, driver, OS related issues, despite it not seeming plausible.
-Reset all BIOS settings to default.
-Replaced the GPU in the system. (Did not produce any different results)
Temporary solution:
-Ran the system with a different, less wattage, EVGA PSU that I own. (500w 80plus) Did not notice any of the symptoms during this time, so it seems likely that it is the PSU. I am however no expert in this field, nor do I own the required tools to confirm this. 
Any questions, tips, or directions as to where I go from here are welcome, thanks! :)
2019/11/22 07:43:40
Cool GTX
Welcom to the EVGA Forums
Yes, spontaneous shutdowns are usually Either - failed PSU -OR - the safety circuit on the PSU is being tripped
      -----> Because a smaller PSU runs the PC, we will assume the PC does not have a failed circuit / ground issue -- tripping safety circuit
You are sure Nothing fell into the PSU -- "sound funny".  With PSU removed if you roll the PSU is something moving around inside ?
You are Only using wires that came with the PSU -- Including the power cord to the wall ?
You can try a different outlet ...is it a power from the wall issue ?
Your PSU probably has some Spare cables that came with it ..... you could swap them ... especially the ones to GPU .... bad power cables happen  <-----
Confirm All connections on Both ends of the PSU & hardware
Make sure the PSU is already registered & contact CS to start an RMA if you need assistance
How To RMA
Contact Customer Service
2019/11/22 09:09:26
Ran the system with a different, less wattage, EVGA PSU that I own. (500w 80plus) Did not notice any of the symptoms during this time, so it seems likely that it is the PSU.

Yeah, sounds like RMA time to me..See the links posted above by Cool.
2019/11/28 10:33:09
Wasn't there a recall on these? I have this model and it's louder than my entire system fans on radiators
2019/11/29 11:18:35
So I am beginning to think my psu is not in proper working condition. No shut downs,  no power problems, just louder than the rest of my system at idle. My 1300w g2 does not have an eco switch on it, it is roughly 5 years old. IS this an older model and they were updated? I ordered a 1000 T2 that I will put in it's place, but is the fan suppose to be loud all the time on the 1300? I want to sell it when  get my T2, but not until I know it needs fixed or it was one of the recall models?

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