2019/11/09 10:01:22
Does anyone have the pinout for the modular SATA cables for the 600BQ?
I RMA'ed my wired white 600 which died and was sent the above as a replacement, however cables were not included and EVGA sent them separately, this PSU was also RMA'ed, I have since received a second 600BQ and still I have issues with anything outside of the mobo cable and PCI-E cables I bought a PSU tester and when I connect to the 2 x  sata or perhiperal connectors to it the tester just shuts down, also after using another PSU for testing purposes I have a dead SSD too. I cannot imagine 2 DOA power supplies or 3 faulty cables, so really worried they have sent me the wrong cables out (They are black cables) but I am assuming there are more than 1 type of black cable.
2019/11/09 12:36:32
EVGA tech support should be able to help you with the pinout. https://www.evga.com/about/contactus/
2019/11/09 12:51:50
Thanks, I have confirmed EVGA sent me the wrong cable set out, at least my RTX survived!!!
2019/11/09 13:05:17

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