2019/11/10 22:16:04
Thanks EVGATech_DanielM .... I have just submitted an RMA with the ticket number provided. I hope I have done all of that correctly. Will now wait for instructions from the RMA people as to where the PSU should be sent etc.
Fingers crossed this all works out soon.
Thanks again.

Not a problem my man. If you run in to any issues, feel free to shoot me a PM and I will look in to anything you need. Have a great week. 
2019/12/18 13:49:26
Hey EVGATech_DanielM, I tried to PM you but website wont allow me yet. Could you please gimmie a PM. Sorry to be a pain in the arse.
2020/01/13 09:31:44
So the RMA went ok. Thanks everyone at EVGA..I havent had the chance to test the PSU as I had to buy another in the meantime or else I could not use my PC for work. I received the box with the PSU but no paperwork. It looks all nice and shiny but I cannot tell if it is a refurbished PSU or a new one. (the barcode has an X scratched on it) Would be nice to know if new or not.
2020/01/13 13:27:29
Most likely re-certified.
2020/01/16 19:53:36
New would be within 30 days of purchase, I believe.

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