2019/11/05 17:33:29
Been eagerly awaiting this title, however I am just looking for feedback from others with Multi-GPU systems and see if it has SLI support. From what I am gathering, the answer is no or limited, however that was not a good source. From what performance numbers look like for this game, I'd be disgusted to see it not have day 1 SLI/Crossfire support knowing how demanding it is and how much it could benefit from SLi/Crossfire. But knowing how the industries state of affairs......it would not surprise me if SLI/Crossfire were both non-functional. Anyway hope to hear feedback from those who have tried.
2019/11/05 17:37:44
The game only supports DX12 or Vulkan. Neither support sli at the moment. =\
2019/11/05 17:59:59
Well.........that's depressing, but knowing that's coming from you, I know it be true Thanks Sajin At least I still have plenty of games to beat and a baby coming in January. Perhaps my gaming day's are about done anyway lol. Still a major bummer to see the trend continuing with SLI being left out of even in the AAA title games. Turned 30 this year, and starting to feel like a bitter crotchety old man toward the tech & gaming industry........and that's my line of work Guess I was wrong about the state of SLI.
2019/11/05 18:03:18
No problem. Yeah, it is sad. The game really does need sli support.
2019/11/05 18:08:47
Yeah read Guru3D's work in progress, and the entire time thought "Hey my 1080's should really put up a good fight and really make this game look good". Wrong again LOL! 2x 2080Ti's would be AMAZING!!!! if only.
2019/11/05 21:36:50
Yup. Vulkan or DX12 . No SLI ... Played few minutes in chapter 1 and closed the game. forget ultra or high with 1080 Ti . Even 1080 Ti will struggle to keep it running at medium with steady 60 FPS... at least for me because I game at 3440x1440.
Really disappointed with this.
2019/11/05 23:00:03
@ joey unfortunately SLI is on it's death bed. Having said that from what I'm reading and seeing the game doesn't run as well on Pascal based cards for some reason. Probably something to do wit
GamersNexus did a good GPU test
I'm getting 75-90fps in game with everything set to ultra except for motion blur which I don't like so I turn it off. I play at 3840x1080 on a 32.9 monitor. Game does look very, very good. 
2019/11/05 23:51:06
And what GPU do you have ?
2019/11/06 00:24:12
And what GPU do you have ?

It is in his signature
2019/11/06 00:26:52
Cant see it because im using phone right now.

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