2019/11/05 12:36:59
My EVGA GTX 1080 ti FTW3 Hybrid had problems recently.  I contacted support and received a RMA.  I assume that no replacement GTX 1080 ti FTW3 Hybrids were available because I received a RTX 2080 XC Hybrid in it place.  What I've noticed so far, is that at both stock speeds and at its maximum stable memory and GPU overclock, the 2080 Hybrid is giving me lower scores in some 4K resolution graphics benchmarks and lower FPS in games at 4K resolution.  Also, possibly due to the lower memory capacity and lower memory bandwidth, encoding video in adobe premiere pro CC/adobe media encoder with CUDA acceleration is taking longer compared to the same video projects when I had a properly functioning GTX 1080 ti FTW3 Hybrid.
I noticed the RTX 2080 gives equal or better performance in 1080p gaming and benchmarks, but doesn't consistently give equal or better performance in 4K gaming and 4K game benchmarks.  For example, with my RTX 2080, the two FireStrike Extreme benchmark scores I've been able to obtain was 12,878 with a graphics score of 14,307 and 12,920 with a graphics score of 14,282.  My GTX 1080 ti scored 13,701 with a graphics score of 15,500.  My RTX 2080 is able to have a higher stable overclock on both the GPU and memory than my GTX 1080 ti was capable of.  Yet the RTX 2080's benchmark scores at 4K are lower at both stock clock speed and overclocked.  The the results of in the game benchmarks that I tried at 4K at lower with the RTX 2080.  It doesn't appear that there is anything wrong with my RTX 2080, so is the GTX 1080 ti just that much better when overclocked?
RTX 2080 XC Hybrid

EVGA GTX 1080 ti FTW3 Hybrid

I tried with three different drivers and couldn't get better results for the RTX 2080.
I also looked up the TFLOP performance of the cards.  I know TFLOPS doesn't equal FPS and is just a rough estimate of the GPU performance in certain situations.  This is the info I found from Nvidia for the founders edition/reference design cards:
GTX 1080 ti 11.3 TFLOPS
RTX 2080 Super 11.1 TFLOPS
Based on that, the GTX 1080 ti looks "faster" than the RTX 2080.
What benchmarks or games does EVGA use to determine equal performance?  Is it just that the games I have do worse with RTX cards at 4K resolution for some reason?  Are the cards only compared at 1080p?  Did I get some magical golden silicon lottery jackpot GTX 1080 ti GPU on my FTW3 Hybrid?
I had another question about the warranty.  I purchased the extended warranty and the advanced RMA for my GTX 1080 ti.  The warranty from the 1080 ti carried over to the RTX 2080, but the advanced RMA didn't.  Why is that?
2019/11/05 13:37:41
Sounds like you need to tell evga you want a 1080 ti instead of the 2080. As far as the advanced rma goes read the terms... https://www.evga.com/support/ear/
2019/11/05 13:50:26
Cool GTX
I had another question about the warranty.  I purchased the extended warranty and the advanced RMA for my GTX 1080 ti.  The warranty from the 1080 ti carried over to the RTX 2080, but the advanced RMA didn't.  Why is that?

1 use & Done.  However - You have an Option to purchase a New A-RMA within 30 days for your RMA card's registration
2019/11/05 21:10:31
it does not transfer and you have the option to buy a new one. As it is a paid service it simply does not transfer once used. In regards to the performance, can you provide us the links to these tests rather than screenshots? 
2019/11/06 06:51:15
In regards to the performance, can you provide us the links to these tests rather than screenshots? 

RTX 2080 12,878 overall score:
RTX 2080 12,920 overall score:
GTX 1080 ti 13,701 overall score:
These were the highest stable settings I could achieve in Precision X1 with the RTX 2080:

Those settings gave me my highest scores in the Firestrike benchmark.
2019/11/06 10:24:51
So you are overclocking both cards? You are getting a 2063 on the 1080Ti which is really good, I can only get 2000 on mine. Looks like you RMA'd a unicorn. Unfortunately, we do not take overclocking into consideration when we base performance in RMA as we only guarantee the clocks we advertise. Also, the 3DMark definitions are different on both tests and sometimes you need to take that into consideration. With the combined test between both cards there is a 1 FPS difference in your system so while you are judging the GPU score your combined overall test (which is in game, which matters) has not changed much at all. You will probably see better performance gains with an updated CPU as that appears to be holding you back a bit, not too much to notice but a better CPU would help you all around. Keep in mind the memory is much quicker in the 2080. But once again, you are comparing 2 different generations of card that handle operations very differently. 
As you are using Firestrike Extreme, we do not base performance on these tests as this is not what the average user is using. We base most of our tests on 1080p as you questioned. Are you noticing any difference in game? 
2019/11/06 10:53:16
So for boredom before work I went ahead and ran the same bench as you with your Hybrid 1080 Ti vs mine (air) with a higher mem OC and no GPU OC 
As you can see we have very similar systems but my overall score beats yours but your actual GPU tests beat mine slightly. This is typically what we mean in terms of performance. Based on that test as well your OS is a bit outdated compared to mine but you ran that test about 3 months ago. Not all cards clock the same but if you are experiencing in game performance issues we can look in to it. Keep in mind I normally game at 1080 144hz.  You are more than welcome to send me a PM and we can chat it up 
2019/11/06 12:31:17
My concern is the RTX 2080 scores at the highest possible stable overclock are only around as good as my GTX 1080 ti scores were at the stock factory default settings with a lower CPU speed.  So it seems that I received a card with worse performance than the one it replaced.
Here are the scores stock vs stock.
The combined and both graphics scores are lower on the RTX 2080.  The GTX 1080 ti results are with the CPU at a much lower speed.
This is the best overclocked RTX 2080 results vs the stock GTX 1080 ti results.
As you can see the RTX 2080 on the highest possible overclock is only a little faster than my GTX 1080 ti on the default non overclocked settings.  The GTX 1080 ti results are with the CPU at a much lower speed.
When I compare my stock RTX 2080 vs stock GTX 1080 ti Firestrike Ultra settings, I noticed that the combined and graphics scores are 10-15% higher on the old GTX 1080 ti.
Aagin, the GTX 1080 ti results are with the CPU at a much lower speed.
I can run the tests again with the RTX 2080 with my CPU at 4.0 GHz to get a more apples to apples comparison with the RTX 2080, but I'm sure that won't improve the results.  The RTX 2080 results are with my CPU at 4.6 or 4.8 GHz while the GTX 1080 ti results are at 4.0 GHz.  That's why the Physics scores are higher and that adds to improving the overall score.
Most of my gaming is either at 3440x1440 or 4K depending on the game.  There were a few instances in games at 3440x1440 and 4K where the RTX 2080 didn't seem as smooth as the GTX 1080 ti.  
2019/11/06 13:02:11
Comparing a test from 2017 when you first acquired the card to one you are testing today isn't very fair. As you already sent your card back it's hard to say your card will score from where it was 2 years ago on the same system with a different version of Windows 10 at stock settings. Variables change. The scoring metric changes over time. How about this, we have a test bench in the office and I will bench my card against a 2080 on a clean OS and I will post results, won' be able to until Sunday as it isn't too busy. You may very well have received an under performing card and of course we can look into that if that's the case.
2019/11/06 13:55:37
I agree that its hard to get an apples to apples comparison because I don't benchmark my hardware monthly.  So, the only results I have to go by are older.  When I saw that I was receiving a RTX 2080 as a replacement for my GTX 1080 ti, I assumed there would be no decrease in overall performance between that any my GTX 1080 ti, except in the rare situations when there was a limit in VRAM or VRAM bandwidth. 
It could be that I just was really lucky with the silicon lottery with my GTX 1080 ti and it performed well above average.  When I looked at the Firestrike Extreme results with a RTX 2080 and i7-6700K, my non overclocked GTX 1080 ti results would have placed in the top 140 out of the nearly 900 tests of the RTX 2080 with the i7-6700K.
Also my results from July with the GTX 1080 ti would have placed it 2nd of the list of i7-6700K and RTX 2080 systems with was obtained in March.
I'd be interested in seeing those results you obtain with a GTX 1080 ti and RTX 2080.  I couldn't even use my GTX 1080 ti to do comparison benchmarks because it wouldn't run above the base clock speed and no troubleshooting here and through support fixed the issue.  That's why I obtained a RMA.

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