2019/11/03 09:27:43
Hi there, I recently purchased an "EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G3, 80 Plus Gold 650W" PSU with the intention of installing it into my PC to replace my budget PSU "WinPower ATX450". The reason for the replacement was because I hoped to purchase a decent graphics card in the future and the budget WinPower PSU isn't able to accommodate a graphics card. I installed the EVGA PSU three days ago and from the very beginning it has been annoyingly noisy. The noise I'm talking about is not coming from the fan but from some sort of crackly electrical sound that's inside the PSU.  The budget WInPower ATX PSU that was previously installed inside the case made absolutely no sounds other than the fan whereas the far more expensive EVGA PSU is annoyingly noisy. I've attached a Youtube link to a recording I made of the noise that's coming from my PSU that might give you a better understanding of the sound that I'm trying to describe:   I'm trying to figure out whether the noise indicates that the PSU is defective or whether my  ASUS P8H61-M(1155 Socket) motherboard isn't the best fit for these kinds of PSU's?Or perhaps I'm overly sensitive to the sound that's produced by these kinds of PSU's? It's just a bit weird that my budget WinPower 450W PSU didn't make any noises over the last 8 years but the newly installed and far more expensive EVGA PSU is remarkably noisy.... My specs are as follows:Intel i5 2500ASUS P8H61-M8GB Ram Any help would be much appreciated!  Kind regards, Brendan
2019/11/03 10:04:36
Register the PSU and then Contact EVGA Customer Service about setting up an RMA for the faulty PSU, or return it to where you bought it from for a replacement unit.
2019/11/06 06:31:39
Hi Blyons89 and welcome to the EVGA Forums!
See the following FAQ to help isolate the problem you are experiencing:
The way you described the issue it sounds like it could be coil whine. Does the noise start as soon as the system is powered on?

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