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  • Chrome Issues & reloading Chrome did Not fix it - Do these Steps to Fix it -Thanks NazcaC2
2019/10/16 07:32:16
Cool GTX
Chrome Issues & reloading Chrome did Not fix it -- Do these Steps to Fix it - Thanks to NazcaC2
The issue was discussed ---> EVGA GeForce 20/16 Series » EVGA 2080 Super FTW3 Ultra artifacts?
In Chrome, back up your bookmarks. If you sync Chrome with your Google profile, you can omit this step. Uninstall Chrome and choose to delete your browsing data (check box).

In File Explorer, delete all of the Google Chrome remnants. If you're using other Google programs, only delete the Chrome folders. If you're only using Chrome, you can delete the whole Google folders.

Manually delete the Google folder in:

Program Data -hidden
Program Files
Program Files (x86)

Just uninstalling Chrome won't remove configuration files. Even the Reset Chrome tool within Chrome does little for major issues like this.

When all Chrome remnants are gone, reinstall Chrome and restore your bookmarks or log in to sync.

2019/10/18 14:23:35
My question on this as a Chrome bug..
If that's the case then why did dropping in a reference 2080 Super fix this for me?  I tested a 2080 Ti, 1080 Ti, Nvidia 2080 Super, integrated GPU and 2x EVGA FTW3 2080 Supers.  I could essentially remove this behavior by installing any other card than the FTW3 and turn it back on by installing either of the EVGA cards.
I'm not saying it's not a Chrome bug, just looking for logic.
2019/10/18 15:06:50
Cool GTX
This type of issue has been happening to Chrome browser ---> long before "Super RTX" was a thing
Why does Manually removing all the Chrome deep rooted files --> Allow Chrome to be reinstalled & Then Work
That is "my logic"
Maybe just the Perfect storm between: Microsoft OS, Chrome browser & Nvidia driver
2020/01/19 16:44:50
Followed your instructions and removed all traces of Chrome, then I rebooted and re-installed Chrome.
Now, Chrome opens with the Google search as the homepage, and then immediately crashes when I try to go to any site or address.  It also crashes if I try to import any bookmarks or settings.
2021/04/29 15:08:49
Armons account
It worked thanks!
2021/05/21 00:38:17
I'll have to try this, thanks for the writeup.  I have been getting just wierd issues with chrome lately, doesn't even make sense.
2021/06/02 15:12:17
Easy fix: install Firefox
2021/06/02 16:12:53
yeah i just switched to firefox after all of the problems chrome had
2021/06/10 21:07:36
FireFox has arrived long time ago, but not so loud like chrome. Use chrome because of work.
2021/06/18 14:59:19

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