2019/09/22 02:17:59
I have a SuperNova 750W and lost the rest of my cables. I need a SATA power cable and don't want to take a risk buying an off brand cable. Is there any way to get official EVGA ones?
2019/09/22 02:35:44
Please contact EVGA technical support
2019/09/22 02:43:46
Yep..As stated above, EVGA should hook you up with what you need if you Contact Customer Service..Then there's CableMod that has a wide selection of all different types of cables in various colors and lengths for your unit.
2019/09/22 06:16:59
Alan the great, which 750w specifically? If you could provide the part number, that would make it easiest.
2019/09/22 13:28:01
Please email Support directly and let us know the exact part number and cables you need in order to forward your request. We can sell extra cables if avlaible. 

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