2019/08/29 05:57:19
So i just bought a 750BQ and i plugged in everything in my pc.
Works fine when not under load and then when i start a game(under load) it makes a grinding/buzzing noise is it normal?
2019/08/29 07:35:12
buzzing is always a possibility for the capacitors & such inside converting the power...but 'grinding' is pretty much a no-no. 
2019/08/29 08:10:36
Could be coil whine, or even a bad bearing in the fan.
2019/08/30 14:11:39
My money's on the fan. My 1000 GQ does a similar thing. Probably a wobbly fan.
2019/09/01 02:07:43
Please contact EVGA technical support
2019/09/01 02:27:16
I agree if it's grinding I would be doing an RMA since I wouldn't consider that normal.
Also it's worth warning that the warranty exists for a reason and the best way to get it fixed. Nothing inside a PSU is built to be replaced by the home user and they can carry an electric charge after they are turned off and unplugged from the wall.
2019/09/14 17:10:56
RMA time.

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