2019/08/28 11:19:27

The EVGA SuperNOVA G5 joins the elite ranks of the EVGA 80 PLUS Gold power supplies. As the successor to the award-winning G3 series, the G5 power supplies continue to push the envelope with the latest certifications and Intel power-on standards. Starting with 80 PLUS Gold certification, fully-modular cable design, 100% Japanese capacitors, and an ultra-quiet 135mm Fluid Dynamic bearing fan with EVGA ECO mode, these power supplies are built for performance and silence.
To learn more, visit here: https://www.evga.com/articles/01341/evga-g5-psu/
2019/08/28 13:17:18
Looks like the price is lower then the G3 line before you factor in the rebate. Really a good deal and even better with an associate code. While you probably wouldn’t notice the fan guard when it’s installed in a case I do feel it’s nice looking and appreciate that it doesn’t look generic.
2019/08/28 14:35:44
I signed on here to buy this PSU here. I needed to find out who's the OEM is and from what I gathered about G5 being from G3 it's still Super Flower right?
I was ready to buy it anyway because of the price being really good including the $20 MIR but the $15 shipping blew it.
Instead I got the Seasonic Focus Gold 750 semi mod for $104 with free two day shipping from Amazon.
2019/08/28 14:40:06
2019/08/28 20:38:28
I was ready to buy it anyway because of the price being really good including the $20 MIR but the $15 shipping blew it.
Instead I got the Seasonic Focus Gold 750 semi mod for $104 with free two day shipping from Amazon.

A 750 G5 is currently $80 AR (I guess that's $70 after an associate code) from EVGA.

There's a lot of good EVGA options out there and a smattering of EVGA rebates on many PSUs.  Newegg's got the G5 650 and 850 for $80 and $100AR and still other great models like the semi-modular GQ 850 for $90AR.  At the start of this month I picked up a 650 GQ for $55AR to proactively replace a PSU I've had since 2011.  Considering PSUs are one of the products hit by tariffs lately, I'm happy with my purchase.
2019/09/08 03:10:05
A quick question ... what makes this feature "better" than previous models:  "Active Clamp +DC to DC design for efficient operation"
This begs the question ... what is/was the design for the G3?  What type of "Active Clamp" design is the G5?  And what makes Active Clamp "better"?  And what is the trade off (what do we lose) by going to Active Clamp?
(Note:  I'm not an electrical engineer, so layman's explanation, please)
2019/09/08 16:59:33
Eventually reviewers will get G5 PSUs that they tear down and test to confirm, but I suspect that the Super Flower Leadex II was the basis for the G3 and, with the Leadex III platform being launched in 2019, maybe that's the basis for the G5 line that's replacing G3.  If someone gets their hands on a G5 and opens it up, see if it looks much like this on the inside.
I'm sure EVGA worked on certain specifications they wanted in the PSU so even another review from the same platform might perform differently/have slightly different features and tweaks.
edit:  I've been corrected below.  I guess with G2, G3, and G5 being able to swap sleeved cables (Sept 6 2019 EVGA Weekly) and the similar casing, I felt a bit too confident in my speculation they were all from the same manufacturer.  While EVGA cables aren't totally interchangeable, upon closer review G2/G3/G5/GP/GM/PQ/P2/T2 compatible cables actually span both SuperFlower and FSP.
2019/09/13 09:36:05
Hi chefjoe,
The G5's are FSP units.  We do provide a partial internal image in the article linked above.
2019/09/13 23:25:10
Can anyone describe the difference between these features, and what that means to me and my gaming rig:
G3, which has LLC resonant circuit design with DC-to-DC converters
G5, which has Active Clamp +DC-to-DC design
What does this really mean?  To the point, does the G5 have Active Clamp *and* LLC resonant DC-to-DC converters?
And does this mean the G3 does *not* have Active Clamp?
2019/09/21 23:28:52
New here, but um so what is so different about the g5 and the g3, was trying to figure it out, but cannot seem to, hmm...

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