2019/04/08 09:44:52
Sucks is we get a $95 associates discount but now I gota pay tax which I swear wasn't there when I was going to buy a ftw3 a month ago.. ended up buying it locally at mc.

Did you end up grabbing one after all? 'Atta boy!
2019/04/08 09:51:38
Overview vid:

Gameplay vid, checkout temps in upper left:

Temps running in the 50c range and only clocked at 2100mhz. ?
2019/04/08 10:00:12
Finally, the end of drooling over pictures, wishing like a kid at Christmas and banging the F5 key all morning.
Now for the expected toolkit while I'm waiting for the UPS truck.
2019/04/08 10:03:05
In for one.  Was still hoping the triple game bundle was still in effect, but I guess removed just in time for this launch :(
Still really excited!
2019/04/08 10:06:15
Holes to mount a GPU only cooler would be standard spaced like the ftw3? Need to check my stockpile of GPU water blocks to see if shes doable.
2019/04/08 10:07:08
Got one,
Will be here tomorrow.
2019/04/08 10:18:59
This bad boy is beautiful. As a side note, anyone need a kidney?
2019/04/08 10:23:13
Yes I believe so, to keep it all on one thread. Also, multiple new threads were being started spamming Associate codes, so Mods put a stop to it before it got out of hand.

 edit by Cool GTX , cleanup

"removed" on account of "removed" 
Hurray for this 2080ti KingPin.
2019/04/08 10:26:15
Got One! For this much cash it better overclock to 2200
2019/04/08 10:29:26
Temps running in the 50c range and only clocked at 2100mhz. ?

Admittedly it seems the rad fans are only running at 950rpm so there is some headroom there if you want to crank the fan speed up or go push/pull; but it's about what I expected having had some experience with 2080Ti Hybrids before, including another 240mm. It will be interesting to see what the masses can do with it when they get it in their hands on it but it is still a 2080Ti Hybrid so I'm not expecting miracles regardless. If most of the cards sold can end up hitting 2200-and-change I think that could be considered a success, to be honest. Open loop OC & LN2 XOC will be the real litmus test of these bad boys.
I doubt I will be potting this KPE (that could change, who knows) but I will be throwing it in an open loop when the HC blocks come out. Really looking forward to tweaking as much as I can without resorting to LN2 or chiller. I'll break out the ol' EVBot for sure :P

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