2019/02/14 17:00:31
Hi Everyone,
EVGA greatly appreciates the EVGA F@H Community's efforts and dedication to help support research to eliminate disease and illness.  Over the last 11 years, many people have learned about and joined the cause, folding@evga passed Default, and the EVGA F@H Community became one of the closest groups on the EVGA Forums. Unfortunately, we've also lost some members along the way to cancer and illness.  However, a great many of you still keep up the fight, and EVGA is proud to help support the cause with EVGA Bucks.

With that said, as we move on into Year 12, we've had to take a long look at the amount of EVGA Bucks, participation, and point totals with regard to the current state of PC hardware. We decided to keep the same amount of EVGA Bucks for each tier, but the result is a large point increase for this year.  We realize that this will make it much more difficult to reach the second tier, but 20-Series cards have already trivialized the achievement of reaching 4m points into a matter of days, rather than weeks.
Tier 1 : 7m (7,000,000) (5 EVGA Bucks)
Tier 2 : 21m (21,000,000) (5 EVGA Bucks)
One other important measure to note for Year 12 is that the point totals are not set in stone.  This time, we're going to monitor the point totals to see how easy/hard it is to achieve these point totals for the community, and adjust if necessary. 
Please note the submission page still shows Year 11 until 3/1/19.

Thank You,
** Please don't forget to submit any points for Year 11 before March 15th, 2019 as we will cut off submission on the following day. **
Edit: Updated the Tier 1 and 2 totals based on final numbers.
2019/02/14 17:01:02
 Fold On Team.
Thank you for anther Year of Folding EVGA
2.0M to 10M is going to be rough.
4.0M to 25M is really going to be very tight even for RTX Cards.
But One GTX 1080 Ti Folding 7x24 can get 30M a Month.
Shock and Awe all in one Thread
One Rule I wish EVGA would add this year is that you can only Fold under one Team.
2019/02/14 17:17:50
Thank you for continuing this program  
2019/02/14 17:31:11
Cool GTX
EVGA in year 12 is continuing to giving out EVGA Bucks to help EVGA Folders purchase new hardware to contribute with.
2019/02/15 04:29:52
Thanks Lee
Everyone needs a challenge, can't argue with that.
It's slightly concerning you can't find EVGA 2080 ti (except the top of the range) cards for love nor money at the moment.
Any chance EVGA folders can get first option on fresh cards?
Also when will the associated 2080 ti water blocks will be back in stock?
2019/02/15 05:45:39
Woooo Whoooo! These higher goals should help keep some folks engaged longer as well (Depending on equipment).
2019/02/15 07:40:00
Glad to see EVGA is continuing the promotion, thank you! 
Slightly worried to see the thresholds raised so high, but happy to see this jump acknowledged and not set in stone.
2019/02/15 07:44:16
Thanks again to EVGA for supporting the good work that everyone here does! My lone 1070 would have no chance of making the second tier, but thankfully I just picked up a second one on the cheap. Time to slap that puppy in my rig!
edit: fixed typo
2019/02/15 09:15:14
Thanks for continuing the promotion!
Glad I got myself a 2070 recently, haha.
Edit, just glanced at previous months, a 980, 1060 and 1050ti folding 24x7 are good for about 30 million/month so I would have been ok, but still glad to have the 2070. 
2019/02/15 09:39:51
I'm happy to see a lot of constructive feedback from the community, both here and through some emails or PMs.  I think it's fair to say that there's still a narrow window for us to receive more feedback before everything's finalized for Year 12.

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