2021/06/03 00:15:48
2021/11/11 12:53:08
Is this program ever gonna get a UI update as it's looking rather old compared newer evga software.
2021/12/03 12:23:59
I really love the brand for it's hardware. But I already disliked Precision even before my GPU's RGB stopped working for it to never come back with no version whatsoever.
But then I bought a CLC280 and now I have to deal with Flow Control and LED Sync. 
Can't integrate EVGA's lighting with anything. Not even both EVGA parts with each other, because 2080 XC Ultra lights are as good as dead.
2021/12/11 17:55:17
I have a EVGA CLC240, EVGA DG77 case, EVGA 3080ftw3 ultra, they all have RGB. When I built this PC for my son with the EVGA 980ti there was an LED sync program from EVGA along with the old Precision OC program. It let me sync the RGB from the CLC to the RGB from the DG77.

When I installed his EVGA 3080, I noticed his LED no longer synced. The LED sync program is gone???

How does one sync the EVGA RGB products now?????

Why do they not have LED sync anymore?????

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