2019/01/23 13:22:30
If I allow FlowControl to follow it's default installation then use uninstall to remove, where would I look for a leftover folder or files. More information please, I can't find what I do know where to look for. I spent a good hour examining the Registry looking for "leftovers" but did not locate any. However, I did not know where that search should occur either. How do you confirm that any leftovers have been found?

It not a problem! if you can open Files Explorer and go open "Program Files (x86)" > "EVGA" > "Flow Control" delete this folder after you have uninstall software. Then you re restart your windows and reinstall again. Hope it will work for you! My here is no problem but I set to manual fan because too loud noise on Auto!!!
2019/01/23 13:24:01
In my instance... 
Flow Control installs to "...Program Files (x86)/EVGA/Flow Control". Note: LED Sync, Precision XOC and WinRing0 also install at this location. 
When uninstall completes the "...Program Files (x86)/EVGA/Flow Control" directory remains. Also there is a "...Program Files (x86)/EVGA/Flow Control/Profiles" directory. Plus inside the "Profiles" directory there is one file named "CPUWB.cfg". 
From the next test I deleted the "...Program Files (x86)/EVGA/Flow Control" directory. Next I turned off the computer completely so I could cold-boot fresh. Installed Flow Control version 9. CPU temps still read 90-100C+.
I repeated the process and on my next pass installed the previous Flow Control version 8. Flow Control now reports CPU temps in the low 30C's. 
Cleaning out the directory did allow going back to version 8. This is good enough for me. Cleaning out the old directory appears to solve the problem of older versions that were re-installed after version 9 also reported anomalous CPU temp.

Oh you got it....
Yeah stick with Version 8 for now and wait for next new version!!
2019/01/25 12:14:29
Whoever the coder is, I love how he/she fails us....
2019/01/25 16:38:18
Can't upload a picture to this place, so I will list manually what the readings were.
I will keep the screenshot so maybe someday I can upload it.
Core Temp 1.13: 37
MSI afterburner: 37
HWinfo64 V6.00-3620: 36.5
Aida64: 36
Evga Flow Control: 26.5
They are all the same except Evga Flow Control.
So either they are all wrong, or EVGA Flow Control is wrong.
I think the answer is obvious.

2019/01/25 21:42:33
FLOW temp  ? the water temperature ?
2019/01/29 12:36:26
same probleme for me flow control is over 100 degree on my ryzen 2700X, hwinfo, and all other software show the good temp just flow control is wrong :(
MB= X470 gigabyte wifi
memory- hyperX
CG= Titan XP 
2019/02/01 14:35:58
weird...i have installed 2.0.8 and work flawlessly, good temps now
2019/02/05 13:06:34
Got a new Ryzen 5 2600 on an ASUS C6H board. Came from an intel i5 4690k and my own water cooler. Bought a CLC 280 for my new components to get rid of my old water cooler. So i have a brand new installation of this software and it shows around 80-85 degrees while i play a game. And 75 idle. With a correct mounted 280 and no OC. Cant be correct. Temperature in BIOS is much lower.
2019/02/05 23:06:29
Flow Control is rubbish piece of sw....Set the fans at manual speed and forget it.
2019/02/17 09:38:45
2.0.9 consistently reports ~50 degrees higher than what Ryzen Master reports.
2.0.8 reports exactly 17 degrees higher.
Software that's designed to regulate temperature should certainly become MORE accurate as version are updated.

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