2019/01/14 14:15:19
We released a new Flow Control version today, v2.0.9.
Release Notes:
  1. Fix issue: AM4 CPU package temperature error.
  2. Fix issue: ring0 conflict with other EVGA software.
Download the new version by:
  1. Go to https://www.evga.com/support/download/
  2. Select "Other Products"
  3. Select "Closed Loop Coolers" and select the remaining options.
  4. Click Submit and download the latest version of Flow Control.
2019/01/14 15:03:34
Cool GTX
Thanks for the notice
2019/01/15 10:05:34
Have installed today and so far no problem here!! Thanks for update new Version 
2019/01/18 19:10:15
CPU temperature shows 100 degrees Celsius now.
So it's way more off than the previous version.
Why is it so hard to get something as simple as cpu temperature correct?
All other software on my system has no issues displaying the correct CPU temperature...
2019/01/18 22:55:45
It is hard to do and it is even harder when many different software tasks are try to get the same data.
You can double check what the BIOS number say  ; 100C almost sound like the default high . ie high bad reading ?
or Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU)  -I have not tried it on my Windows 10 systems
Ah, the days when a CPU chip only had ONE core and how do you average over 6 cores when one may not be in use.
if you put one foot on the stove and one foot in the frig -- on the average you will be comfortable
2019/01/19 18:23:53
How is it hard to do when 5 other apps can read the temperature just fine all at the same time?
It is not a bad reading, the actual temperature is 36 but this app insists it is 86.
It is the only application that does that.
2019/01/20 07:44:02
Flow Control has read CPU temps correctly in the past. I have tried uninstall and reinstall of several older version as well as this new version 9. Hard to understand the fault in version 9 reading 100C+. Variables seem to be the MSI BIOS updates, the AMD Chipset updates and the OS updates and maybe the GPU driver updates. What puzzles me most is that CPU-Z, HWInfo64 and "headups" screen displays in games I play all report the more appropriate temps ranging from 29C to 52C depending on use. When I go into the BIOS (load drops of course) temps show as low as 28C but mostly low 32's. Hard to feel confident laying blame for the issue. I doubt a EVGA update to a version 10 is the final solution. Maybe EVGA has a business relationship problem with AMD specifically? When working I use the CPU temp to guide the color of the RGB. Once upon a version, I had the AIO and GPU synced and showing my CPU temp in color. That was cool. My last comment; my EVGA PSU, GPU and AOI perform their intended functions exceptionally well. So great job for that! Venting completed off to breakfast now.
2019/01/20 14:42:11
I noticed the coolant temperature is indicating a steady 28.1 Celsius regardless of CPU load with a steady pump speed of 2670 RPM and Fan speed of 960 RPM for about 24 hours now.
It looks like half of the software is frozen while the other half still works.
CPU temps are bouncing around 100 Celsius mark.
You cannot blame those on AMD or chip sets or whatever else they like to blame it on.
It's their software and their driver that is clearly the issue.
The previous versions worked a lot better with only a 10 Celsius "offset" on the reported CPU temperatures.
I am going to switch back to the old version.
2019/01/20 18:29:13
To vanadiel007, please let us know which version you switch back to and if it works or is still reporting odd values for the temperature. I have tried switching back to version 8 then tried version 6. I cannot get any version to work. Wondering if a registry entry is possibly involved. Wonder if there is a "EVGA clean uninstall" program. Like the DDU that Nvidia has. More field reports needed.
2019/01/21 00:44:41
vanadiel007, what motherboard and which processor are you using?  Which OS?  Do you have any other monitoring software programs running?
miklet, are your system specs up-to-date in your signature?  Which OS?  Any other software monitoring programs running?

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