2018/11/16 11:25:59
Cool GTX
Click the FAQ link, & download the Correct file

---> Go Offline, Stop All background operations - Including Security Software --> Now run the File as Admin with Elevated privileges

Next:  Then Power Off the PC --> Unplug PC from wall & hold start button 20 -30 sec to fully discharge the capacitors --> plug back in & Restart


FAQ ID # 59742 RTX 2080/2080Ti MCU Update


Question / Issue
RTX 2080/2080Ti has LED or fan issues after running Precision X1 for the first time.

Answer / Solution

After running Precision X1 for the first time with a EVGA RTX 2080 or 2080Ti graphics card the program will automatically attempt to update the firmware of the card. If that update fails in some way, the card may exhibit erratic behavior including difficulty saving LED settings or having a fan stuck at 100% fan speed. If this issue occurs then you may need to apply a MCU (Micro-Controller Unit) update in order to resolve the issue.
You can find the correct MCU update files at the links here:  https://www.evga.com/supp...mmain.aspx?faqid=59742

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