2018/07/23 08:25:05
Hello all,
My SC17 1070 motherboard has a water damaged and I found a place selling SC17 1080 version. Can it fit to my laptop ?
Thank you 
2018/07/23 08:29:18
Not sure your question is very clear.

Are you asking if the 1080 version will fit in a specific laptop bag, or something close to that?

1080: Item Dimensions 11.6 x 16 x 1.3 in

1070: Item Dimensions 11.63in x 16.06 x 1.07in

There are barely any different for aizes.
2018/07/23 08:36:17
Cool GTX
looks like they want to swap MB in their current laptop.
From a SC17 1070 to a SC17 1080 version
Seems to be asking if there are any differences based on the GPU on the laptop MB
I'd call Tech support  https://www.evga.com/about/contactus/
2018/07/23 08:40:15
I'm sorry . I means can I replace the 1070 motherboard with the 1080 version 
2018/07/23 08:47:17
Oh, motherboard, lol. I should have read the title a little closer. I dont think the boards are the same unfortunately.

Sc17 1070 motherboard connections:

Sc17 1080 motherboard connections:

The connections arent the same on the I/O so they wont line up.

On the 1070, it has ethernet, hdmi, two miniDp.

1080 has ethernet, two miniDp, hdmi, then usb.

I would highly suggest contacting evga for verification, and referencing images to see if they line up at all before you spend the money.

Sorry about my first post. Didnt mean to cause confusion.
2018/07/23 09:19:14
Cool GTX
Water damage ? On keyboard or what happened ?
If you did not "let the smoke out"
Did you dry the laptop very well before power on ? several days bag of rice or other method
Have you tried cleaning the MB after removing it ? (electric contact cleaner, or 90% isopropyl alcohol)
---> Read and follow safety directions, they can be flammable
How to Clean an Electronic Circuit Board After It Got Wet
2018/07/23 09:39:34
The 1080 motherboard, heatsink and chassis is different than the 1070 model.
2018/07/24 23:29:16
Thank you. Anyone know if EVGA is selling motherboard for this laptop ?
2018/07/25 01:51:43
Unfortunately as confirmed by the previous response. This will not fit as we do not sell motherboards or internal components for the laptops separately.
2018/07/25 07:18:27
Thank you. Anyone know if EVGA is selling motherboard for this laptop ?

You will have to send it to EVGA and they can repair the notebook for you with a fee.  Since it is a motherboard replacement, it won't be cheap.

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