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2018/05/08 22:22:03
Windows updated with two updates tonight:
1) Security update for Adobe Flash Player: May 8, 2018      Link
2) May 8, 2018—KB4103727 (OS Build 16299.431)    Improvements & fixes:    Link
*No problems so far. Will update this post if anything changes.
2018/05/09 01:40:06
I failed in the update last year.So I reject it,
2018/05/09 07:04:22

Updated to 17134.48 yesterday with no problems.

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2018/05/09 08:07:55

Updated to 17134.48 yesterday with no problems.

These are the two updates I got this morning.  All good...
2018/05/09 10:30:15
17134.48 is a good update.  Fixed a few things for me!
2018/05/09 19:07:10
17134.48 is a good update.  Fixed a few things for me!

Good to hear.      
2018/05/12 12:47:33
Another update from last night. The install took a long time. About 20 minutes, and a lot of restarts. It updated Ver. 1803. Not sure what's new though. No problems so far.
EDIT: It messed with my Creative settings for the speakers. Just had to adjust them back to the way I had them. Minor inconvenience.
2018/05/18 22:36:59
1803 screw up my system to where it wouldn't recognize my GPU or detect my gsync monitor.
Quickly reverted back which magically detects all my hardware and left Microsoft a message I hope somebody reads and then hangs their head in shame. I've never had problems with a windows update before let alone anything as absurd as what occurred after I installed that garbage.
2018/05/19 14:10:02
so far three desktops and a laptop updated with 0 issues.
2018/05/19 14:21:14
Three systems here, X58, X79, and X99 all updated to 1803 without a hitch.

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