2018/02/17 20:30:41
I own an EVGA 1000w G3 power supply and I was looking to buy or "acquire" an AC wall power cord. What I mean by "AC power cord" is the three prong external cord that plugs into the wall and connects to the PSU externally (its black). 
Thing is, I can't find anywhere on the EVGA website, third party vendor or authorized EVGA reseller websites that sells the AC power cord that would be certified for my EVGA 1000w G3 power supply.
EVGA's online store only showcase/sell colored replacement modular sleeved cables for powering the motherboard, graphics card etc and not a wall power cord (unless I'm blind and missed what I'm looking for lol). 
In addition, I'm very much concerned buying an third party power cord not directly from EVGA or EVGA's authorized resellers (because I cannot find one) would result in damaging my PSU or internal hardware components. 
I am reaching out to the online EVGA community forum as a resource to help me find another EVGA power cord that is compatible with my EVGA 1000w G3 PSU. 
(Note: I have submitted an customer service email and support ticket pertaining to this request as well)

Thank you
2018/02/17 22:01:13
Tripp Lite Heavy Duty Computer Power Cord, 15A, 14AWG (NEMA 5-15P to IEC-320-C13), 6-ft

 The power cord supplied with my 1000w G3 has etched details writing "16 AWG" (different from you 14AWG cord suggestion), is there a difference or am I totally overthinking a simple power cord purchase?

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2018/02/18 00:03:35
Get the recommended 16 AWG or thicker. You can go 14 if you want.
2018/02/18 00:05:01
AWG (American Wire Gauge) is a standard indicating the wire diameter that's used in the cable..14 AWG, or simply '14 gauge' wire, is thicker than 16 gauge wire..The thicker 14 gauge wire is better..You wouldn't want to go with a cheaper, smaller gauge cable such as 18 gauge..Get a cable that's at least 16 gauge..The bigger the wire, the less electrical resistance..You can buy those cables just about anywhere that sells PC parts and accessories, there's no shortage of them, not a big deal.
2018/02/18 11:30:16
Thank you everyone for your knowledge and advice, issue resolved :)
2018/02/18 12:03:36
For what it is worth and that seems to be not much anymore here but I replaced all my 16 AWG Power Cords with 14 AWG Power Cords because they run cooler and match the Power Cord on my UPS Unit.
2020/01/01 16:58:43
Will this work with a EVGA G3 1300 as well?
2020/01/01 17:49:37
Will this work with a EVGA G3 1300 as well?

See: What is the rating for my PSU wall cable? in the EVGA FAQs.
With the exception of an 850 BQ, 850W - 1300W units use the same AC power cord.
2020/01/06 09:20:03
Thank bob for the reply I just bought one.  Something I forgot to research is the EVGA G3 1300 has red vga cables.  I assume I can still use my black ones from my EVGA G3 1000w.  Sorry want to be safe with my family.  Happy New Year!

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