2018/01/28 22:52:11
After running successfully for nearly 9 years, despite the heroic efforts of mod XrayMan, the previous Counting Thread was finally killed by marauding bands of crazed mining zombies desperately seeking GPUs. The zombies arrived at the forums seeking a 100 post count to qualify for EVGA Elite Status hardware deals - specifically GPU deals (of course). Sadly, being able to count wasn't part of their skill set, at least for some of them. After much consternation and gnashing of teeth, the persistence of the more cerebrally challenged zombies won the day, and sadly capitulation followed, and the thread was locked permanently after reaching well over 12,000 posts.
So now the all new Counting Thread is born.
Since there is no concern about maintaining a 9 year long integrity, if you happen to screw it up, nobody cares. Damn the torpedoes!
If you care, here's how it works: Post an image. The image should feature a number. That number should be the next integer following the last post in the thread. Ideally it should also match the post number (that little number down the bottom right of each post). Easy right? ...yeah, you'd think so...
But hey, if this is too much for you to follow, what the heck, give it a shot anyway, maybe you'll get it right!
So here's the first one. Post number 1.

Pro tip: the next post should be an image containing the number 2...
Have at it.
2018/01/28 23:14:50

2018/01/28 23:21:18
2018/01/28 23:33:32

2018/01/29 00:13:10

2018/01/29 00:38:21
2018/01/29 01:44:20

2018/01/29 08:03:43
Aww crap, I can't find that number.  I'll keep looking.
Here, let me help you:
2018/01/29 09:55:21
now its

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2018/01/29 11:39:13

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