2018/01/14 20:58:09
  1. Higher fan speeds.
  2. 150% power target.
  3. It will prevent you from running into the 118% power limit in unigine superposition as shown here.
You can download it here.
Note: Nvflash is included with the vbios. 
How to flash the extreme watercooling oc vbios to your kingpin...
#1 Drag and drop the nvflash folder onto your desktop.
#2 Shutdown your pc.
#3 Unplug pc from wall socket.
#4 Hold case power on button for 30 seconds.
#5 Locate the vbios selector switch on the video card & move it to one of the other vbioses other than normal. I'd recommend putting the vbios on the oc switch to retain thermal protection, but you can put it on the ln2 switch if you want to disable thermal protection.

#6 Plug pc back into wall & boot the system.
#7 You're ready for flashing...
Flashing procedure:

#1 Run command prompt via administrator. 
- Windows 7: Press the start button and type "cmd", right click "cmd" and select run as administrator.  
- Windows 8/10: Press the Windows Key & X keys together, select command prompt (admin) from the menu that pops up.
#2 Type the following commands into the command prompt... "cd  c:\users\your windows user name here\desktop\nvflash" without quotes and hit enter. 
- Type "nvflash64 --protectoff" without quotes and hit enter. (Turns off write protection on the card. Some cards will need to have this disabled before you can flash the card so always perform this command before flashing.) 
- Type "nvflash64 -6 6798X390.rom" without quotes and hit enter. 
#3 You'll be asked if you want to override/update the display adapter firmware. Press "Y" on your keyboard to say yes. Nvflash should now start to flash the ftw3 hyrbid vBIOS to the card and complete by saying the flash was successful. 
#4 Restart PC. The nvidia drivers should automatically detect and install the card, if not, you may need to uninstall the drivers and re-install them.
2018/01/14 21:14:05
Sajin how do you flash the bios and I want do in the  ln2 bios  slot to flash extreme wc bios. How do I flash it back to LN2 bios if I have to RMA the Kingpin to Evga.
Thank you in advance Sajin for the help.
2018/01/14 21:32:27
Post updated with the info requested. 
2018/01/14 21:39:25
Sajin do I use NVflash or NVflash64  I have a 64 bit windows 10 pro
Thanks again fir your help
2018/01/14 21:40:05
2018/01/14 21:47:13
Thanks I will flash one card at a time do I need to unistall precision and the nvida drivers.
Thanks sorry if I ask alot of questions this is the first time flashing bios and of cause I will save the  original OC bios for the Kingpin in case I have to flash back.
Can I save the original oc bios and how do I do that.
2018/01/14 21:49:11
do I need to unistall precision and the nvida drivers. Can I save the original oc bios and how do I do that.

Nope. You don't need to save the oc vbios.
2018/01/14 21:51:03
But Normal and OC bios are the same for the Kingpin
2018/01/14 21:52:32
As long as one original vbios remains on the card you're good to go. Leaving the normal one alone is recommended.
2018/01/14 21:52:52
Thanks Sajin for the help much appreciated

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