2021/01/23 18:42:16
I be having the same issue.
2021/05/28 12:52:09
Yeah me too! The "device not found" issue is persistent! 
2021/10/26 16:44:22
Here I am with a newly built custom desktop. Constructed not by me yet, EVGA Flow Control doesn't work.  I don't know which header the AIO pump is connected to on my ASUS motherboard.  I do know it is not connected to the four-pin AIO header.  The wiring was installed so neatly; I am not ready to undo it.
I have been reading the various forums on this subject and am always interested in finding a fix.  The CCVI device was not showing though I finally corrected this, yet I still get the CPUWB device not found.  I might add, I read in one of the many forum posts about this and am successfully using another manufactures software.  I now can assign RGB color, and all case fans and CLC 240 are operating.  I am maintaining suitable CPU temperatures.  Intel I9.  Average 33-40C with no complex processing.  Even then, I have only seen 55C.  So I would think the AIO pump is working.
I will watch the forum, yet this issue has been ongoing for quite a few years.  
2021/10/28 12:58:16
Today, I was able to get the flow control software to actually get past the CPUWB device not found.  Yet this only happens with versions 2.02 and 2.0.03.  I didn't find much use for it.  All newer versions would not load the device.  Too much time was spent for so little in return.

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