2022/01/02 03:22:22
2022/01/09 22:49:24
wow smooth work!
2022/01/10 07:42:54
Man Evga cards just last so long
2022/01/11 02:51:03
Hello, where can I find the thermal pad thickness for all EVGA GTX 1060-1080 models?
2022/01/21 14:05:23
Why are these new thermal pads needed? I see the same talk sometimes for FE cards
2022/01/21 14:10:58
Why are these new thermal pads needed? I see the same talk sometimes for FE cards

This post was from 2016. Back then, there was a complaint that the VRM’s were not being cooled properly, so this was a way to lower them temperatures easily, without having to send the product back to EVGA.

Now, some people like to change them in hopes of getting even better temperatures, but EVGA uses a slightly different size that “standard” so it is difficult to find the correct thickness pads. I do not change pads on the newer cards without making sure I can get the correct ones.
2022/03/06 15:50:36
At some point, I'll work up the courage to do this.  But, in preparation, I wrote EVGA and asked about the thermal pads. Here's my question and their response:
My Question:
Do you sell a kit of all the correct thermal pads for this EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 GAMING card (08G-P4-6686-KR)? If you don't sell a kit of those thermal pads, can you list the number and sizes required?
 Their Response:
Unfortunately we dont sell thermal mod kits anymore, the thermal pad thickness for the 10 series cards is 1mm thick and all you'll need to do is cut to size, we dont have any instructions unfortuantely.
if you have any questions do let us know.
Unfortunately, I don't know what to believe.  This thread starts out with recommendations of 1mm and 0.5mm pads.  Gamer's Nexus from years ago measured the thermal pads EVGA sent out to fix the overheating problems of this card at 2mm.  I've seen other threads on this forum saying that EVGA told them to use 1.5mm pads.
EVGA came back and asked for my feedback and I gave it to them.  It's just upsetting that we can't buy new cards and EVGA neither stocks parts/materials for maintenance of our old cards nor has instructions to help us maintain things on our own.  For goodness sakes.  They manufactured these cards.  They did repairs on them during their manufacturing lifetime.  They've got to know EXACTLY what's needed to do basic maintenance of them.
2023/11/22 02:28:47
Reed Valenzuela
Remember, always take your time when working with sensitive components like your graphics card. It's better to be slow and careful than to rush and potentially damage something.

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