2016/09/24 17:45:40
 Project of the month for January 2020

Everyone is invited to crunch Universe@home Sunday1/19 - Thursday 1/23
We are going to do a project of the month. It is optional, no pressure to do it if you don't want to.
It could be a way to have a fun little challenge. A little friendly smack talk and banter back and forth.
So far this the schedule. Sign on and get your pet project on the list.
We are going to set a date for the POTM, but you can run the project when you can if the date is an issue.
Keep in mind any challenges that maybe going on that month, we'll try not to overlap.
If you want, you can make a challenge the POTM.
What project would you like to do?
January 2020: [link=mailto:Universe@home]Universe@home[/link] 
2016/09/24 18:30:38
That is kind of why I liked the COTM and got to pick the Project for the Month. Or that is yes I do remember.
Sad was that most of our BOINC Crunchers have their own schedule and also the Challenges that some of us do when they come around.
I would find it even better if we could get more Team Members to Participate in the Challenges when they do come around.
We have seem to have fallen from grace when it comes to Challenges this last year.
Not to fond of DC Vault had they changed the main or front page to the Top 20 Teams from 10 would have been nice but they do not have anyone to take care of the site. Also not sure just how they really rate the Teams.
But I would still be game, you know me I love Badges.
2016/09/24 18:55:42
I've always liked this idea and not sure why I drifted away from it recently. Well this year family issues (good ones) have slowed me down and now summer is over and I think it's natural to start thinking about these things again.
So bill and bill let's come up with something. I have pet projects and am sure others do as well.
bcav, I'm going to try your app_configs for AP27 now.
2016/09/24 23:24:36
Sounds like a great idea, let's get some crunching done...
2016/09/25 05:32:00
You know I am for it. Just let me know in advance and I am off to the races!
2016/09/26 06:09:13
As far as DC-Vault goes, I'm pretty much the only active admin any more. None of the owners really have much to do with the site these days. Rusty is responsive but he can't make decisions on his own as it needs ran by the other owners that don't really care. So, unless the Vault gets a ton of attention it will probably just continue to float as it has. Rusty will still do what he can, but don't expect any large changes. At least not in the foreseeable future.
2016/09/26 12:21:17
OK since no one listed a project, and I need to get some digits in my WCG badges and there is about a week left in September.
Well a week to the October PG challenge
Lets crunch WCG for the rest of September, or right up to the PG challenge.
2016/09/26 12:52:24
OH! I did not know you want to Start This Month!!!
I have been running WGC for a new AP26/7 Badge for the last week and waiting for you to post a new badge as well.
WCG it is then and even more lets run AP27, I will start back up after the sun goes down.
I will aim for Amethyst the badge after the Gold one I got today
2016/09/26 12:56:56
OK you Posted Number 1 and I am 2 so lets do the pick by who posted here and in the order they posted.
 So the Start Date is the Frist Monday of the Week Picked unless a Challenge is running that month and we will alien with that Challenge.
 End Time would be Friday 1800 or the end of a Challenge + number of days to  = 5 days.
So for October I pick: PrimeGrid
World Space Week Kickoff Challenge Oct 3 18:00:00 to Oct 4 (+3 Days) 18:00:00 (UTC) (Sophie Germain Prime Search (LLR)) only a CPU Task.
yodap you are up for November.
HK-Steve for December
robbysites for January
2016/09/26 18:56:19
Sounds good, and I'm thinking on it. I don't want to overlap the
PG- 18-23 November-    18:00:00-  AP27-    Wallis is Born Challenge-  5 days-   Individuals / Teams
so can I choose one for the first Monday 11/7? Or I'm willing to start on Tuesday the first.
To all, just post in this thread to get your turn,

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