2016/08/16 15:29:27
So it looks like you have what, like 2-3" of 24pin cable left? I see your 24pin connects horizontally, instead of vertically. I am wondering if I will have enough slack to get some cable combs in there, I might have to order a 700mm cable.

EDIT: Also, my Corsair AX1200i probably will have more cable too, since my 24pin is on the right hand side, looks like the EVGA ones are on the left, so it takes that much more distance to reach the motherboard.
2016/08/16 15:38:52
Ya, not sure exactly how much slack I have, but I have a little bit of extra 24 pin cable.  Oh, and this EVGA 24 Pin cable is 600mm just so you know.
2016/08/16 15:39:59
Yeah, 600mm is pretty standard for ATX, guess I will have to see what I have to work with, would like to dodge having to spend $50 on a new 700mm ATX to get hte look I want haha.

2016/08/16 16:28:22
Sorry man I thought since he said you did I only assumed you did . I may try later on to re route it but for now it's functional .
2016/08/16 20:59:20
Haddock Wolf
Here is my Rig, DG-86 built today. The 24 Mobo pin for me had to be routed to the front on a 750 Watt EVGA, Gold I think. Another weird problem I am having is trying to plug the molex fan connector into a molex power wire Causes the PSU to immediately stop, and will only start for brief pauses and remain off until I reset the power or CMOS. Ill try a different molex wire and in a different PSU port later, this took me about 4 hours to do and I'm wiped.
I7-5820k @ 4.2ghz (stock 3.30)
EVGA 980Ti Classified (Max OC is 1497mhz)
48 Gb Crucial 2133 mhz DDR4 ram (For 4k Video editing when needed)
Main Drive: 512gb Crucial SSD
Storage: 750gb WD green, 2TB WD black
Motherboard as pictured, MSI SLi X99s
Main Screen is an AOC G-sync 144hz 1080p monitor. Ive honestly not noticed a difference in anything, even at low fps with g-sync on or off, but the 144 fps is really really nice
2016/08/16 21:16:32
Like everyone else, I'm still tweaking my build.  I have all of the components installed, but I'm still working on the finishing touches like LED strip placement, cable management, etc etc.

Speaking of which, does anyone have a good suggestion for the best place to place an LED strip?  Thanks

Pic 1: the big box! See that brown thing next to it?  Yeah, that's a full-sized saddleback briefcase (it can fit a 17 inch laptop) so yeah, the box is mammoth

2016/08/16 21:18:34
Pic 2: I've installed the psu, mobo, water cooler, radiator, etc etc

2016/08/16 21:20:38
Pic 3: Powering up for the first time.... it's working, it's working!

2016/08/16 21:25:23
Pic 4: I called it a night at this point.  I set up a dual M.2 raid. I installed a fresh version of Win 10.  I updated my drivers.  I downloaded some software.  Really all I have left to do is re-arrange my cables, and figure out how I want to configure my LEDs

CASE: cmon man, really?
GPU: EVGA gtx 1080 FTW (not the FE clocked version lol)
PSU: evga supernova 750
CPU: i7 6700k
MOBO: MSI Z170A Xgaming Titanium Edition
COOLER: Kraken x61
RAM: Corsair Vengence LED 3000 x32gb
OS SSD: 2x raid-0 Samsung 950pro M.2
Storage HDDS: 3x 3gb toshiba spinners

2016/08/17 00:47:38
is it possible to install radiator on the left side of the case ? 

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