2020/05/07 00:39:40
I had to find a dg-87 on eBay
2020/05/08 23:54:52
Where'd you see that? I've been looking for one forever
2020/05/11 17:51:00
I have been tying to put together an all EVGA build except for CLC (I went with the Alphacool Eisbear 280 Extreme), and happened to see one NIB on ebay last week. Needless to say, I had it shipped down to Florida quickly (:
2020/08/31 06:12:18
Hello, as my acrylic door was scratched, I decided to change it and put another one in tempered glass, the result is below.
-6mm tempered glass
-G5 smoked film
-Fixation: a small piece of double-sided 3M tape centered on the top.
Sorry for my English

2021/06/03 23:16:48
[<font]davimss1 Great result. Was there a poster (picture) included with the case?
2021/06/07 10:40:13
Pic 2: I've installed the psu, mobo, water cooler, radiator, etc etc

I've never seen a CPU power connector that long.
2022/01/29 11:48:20
Has anyone tried to modify the left door to accept a radiator like a 360. I have my second 3090 Kingpin about to be here and I was going to mod it to accept it if at all possible.
2022/02/20 18:50:18
anybody got a nice 240 rad on the back folding panel?
2022/02/20 20:15:18
You could possibly do some modification and make it work. It has the space towards the bottom of the panel. I can confirm the 360 will fit on the left door but I have to finish modding it. Now have 360mm radiators
2022/05/01 09:00:02
its all on my mods rig page

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