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2015/10/10 05:42:54
There are a lot of important stickies and guides so to cut down on clutter I have posted those here:
1: Boincview setup and Signatures!!!: http://forums.evga.com/FindPost/1326810
2: GPU Project list: http://forums.evga.com/FindPost/1746449
3: Affiliate Code swaps for Crunchers: http://forums.evga.com/FindPost/1351283
4: Crunching@EVGA Captains: http://forums.evga.com/FindPost/2331765

5: Project lists [Partial UPDATED 03/20/2013]: http://forums.evga.com/FindPost/1336265
6: GDPR: don't lose your credit statistics! Crunching@EVGA Team Please Review Weekly

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