2015/07/22 02:29:19
I bought a evga 1300 g2 power supply .installed it into my pc case and was doing some testing with fan and fan controller.with just 10 fans and one fan controller plugged in and with a 24 pin bridge connecter connected i powered up the psu to test out the fans on my rads.the psu seem extremely nosiey. psu is ramping up a fair bit for such low load on the psu.
is this normal? is there way to quieten down the psu fan?will the noise be worse once my system is full up and running?
only bought this psu 4 week ago from shop and have asked if possible to swap for quieter but they say No.
what are my options?
2015/07/22 23:48:38
21 views no comments any evga rep would like to help me out? would be greatly appreciated it.i was under the impression that if the fan is going metal with low load that this would be considered a fault and not normal behaviour but the seller i bought it from refuses to rma it?as it only just over 28 days they should swap my unit for new exchnage unit.am based in the uk.
i bought the item off overclockers uk.
i can post a vid up if anyone wants to hear it?
2015/07/23 07:29:53
This may give you some insight  >>  http://forums.evga.com/1300-G2-fan-is-very-loud-m2254551.aspx
2015/07/23 19:59:55
This is why I only deal with certain distributors or sellers. I like knowing I'm protected.
Anyways, I don't find my 1300 g2 loud, literally it's silent as can be.
2019/12/07 19:10:17
Anyone have a fix for this? This is driving me crazy... Just realized this thing is the loudest thing in my entire PC and it's extremely cold inside my case...
2019/12/11 06:43:17
The fan runs full speed if you don't have eco mode switch on perhaps yours is set to full speed?
2019/12/29 22:06:08
Mine was loud, so I bought a 1000T2 and just tonight, my computer has cut off twice. I thought it being loud was normal.. Now thinking I should have RMA'd the 1300 G2 instead of buying the 1000T2. May have to rma both. I have had the 1300G2 for near 5 years. 

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