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  • Individually Sleeved Cables for EVGA G5/G2/G3/GM/GP/PQ/P2/T2 Power Supplies (p.4)
2014/06/01 18:24:05
i want to know: are these sleeved cables enough for 3x amd 290 to use with a 1300g2?Or for only 2 vga cards?
2014/06/11 19:42:21
Mark of Omaha
I will be ordering a SuperNOVA 1000 G2 or P2 power supply this weekend (probably the P2).  These individually sleeved cables look great and I may order a set later.  However, I have two questions:
1:  How long are these cables?  I can't find any information regarding their length vs. the stock power supply cables.  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? 
2:  These cables lack the capacitors that are present on the stock cables.  How will this affect the performance of the power supply?
2014/06/26 17:21:50
Will these cables be compatible with the new 1600 G2?
2014/07/21 11:40:07
2014/07/21 13:14:55
I should have seen this earlier!
If anyone has a question or specific request about these with EVGA PSUs, let me know. I got a kit that I did an overview on here: http://forums.evga.com/FindPost/2190030
2014/08/17 00:53:46
looks real good are they also UV reactive?
2014/08/23 00:42:13
how long are they measure ? will they long enough for big full tower case ?
2014/08/23 06:10:41

2014/09/13 02:29:04
I wanted to get a new PSU, since my Seasonic doesn't like the x79.. Low and Behold, Newegg is running the 1300 G2 for $170.. DEAL!  Now, I need to figure out if I want to get the individually sleeved cables.  Are the 8 pin PCI split from the PSU itself and not split in the middle somewhere.  
I just want to make sure it isn't this sort of connector:

Some of the NewEgg pictures are confusing.  and I don't like the picture cables at all.
2014/11/01 10:57:56
I'm doing a black and blue theme for my new x99 build, and am looking at the blue cables. They look slightly PURPLE though, can anyone confirm whether or not it has a purplish hue to it? Are there other pictures somewhere? Thanks for the help!

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