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2014/04/25 03:26:04
The sleeved cables look nice. Are you able to see any of the cable through the sleeving?

You can't see anything, on closer look on white cables you only see nice shine white, black connectors and nothing else.
Material is much better than on extensions where you can stretch and move sleeve over wire and than look ugly if you see wires under.
No matter on wire color under.
This is best option, I have 30m of MDPC-X sleeve, MDPC-X Tool for pin remover, but I will use this cables, because they are durable, thinner and give more natural look. If someone upgrade on other components he can sell own blue cables example for little cheaper price and with next build choose some other color. Grey color would be great but I'm not sure how many people are interest for that. 
2014/04/25 19:45:36
Mine showed up today. This is what they look like installed.

2014/04/26 08:25:15
Well I ordered mine today in Red. I needed 8pin pcie extensions anyway and that came to around $30. Now I can get rid of my extensions and do it right with proper cables! I guess I'll see them sometime next week!
2014/04/27 10:04:10
I am very sorry for any inconvenience, but these cables will only work on the EVGA power supply models listed below.
  1. 120-G2-1300-XR
  2. 120-G2-1000-XR
  3. 220-P2-1000-XR
  4. 220-G2-0850-XR
  5. 220-G2-0750-XR

Why then is there not any product support for 120-G2-1500-XR? The 120-G2-1500-XR been out longer and you think they would support this one as well. 
The red looks like dog dirt in my system of orange n blue. I must spend $100.00 to get a custom set made to mach my system. 
All I wanted is to get a product that has no heat shrink showing that has a warranty so if breaks I can not need to spend more money to get it fix. 
Fail EVGA on support of the 120-G2-1500-XR and giving it to a product that cost almost $500.00 
I have over $2500.00 in just EVGA products in my system, suxs I must go somewhere else to get what I need.
2014/04/29 08:43:33
Will these become available at Alternate Netherlands or Alternate Belgium? That's where I bought my EVGA SuperNova 850 G2
And another question; in the stock cables there seems to be a capacitor shaped thing in the heatshrink? Any reason why those were added to the cables and not on these individually sleeved cables?
2014/05/19 20:52:15
in white...

2014/05/21 11:11:41
Sleeved cable overview by JayzTwoCents

2014/05/28 08:11:21
cool :)
2014/05/28 22:52:34
Just picked up a Supernova 750 G2.  Very nice! Also got the white sleeved cables! They look awesome, and very easy to work with. Here are a few pics.


2014/05/28 22:59:58
The cables looks great, PerfectCr.  Very nice.              

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