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2019/12/30 05:05:06
Cables do indeed look very nice and look like the E-Series replacement kit from Cablemod costing 99 Euros. Can anyone quote the price and delivery times for the EVGA offering? Where in Europe are they shipped from?
Besides talking about the looks though I think there is a more serious consideration worth mentioning which is with new processors and motherboards the build process has changed. More CPU Power, more heat, more sophisticated water cooling solutions often mean bulky motherboard heat sinks and coolers occupy spaces where cables could be run. More prescriptive (and better) cable routing built into cases like the NZXT 710i I am using makes for easier cable routing but choices are limited as is the space behind the motherboard, I mean the ATX cable on my brilliant Supernova T2 850 Titanium is not only difficult to flex its 20mm thick. Why do I mention this? Well because imho the days of the old inflexible, difficult to manage and flex power supply cables are numbered they just are not fit for purpose in combination with other components as part of a modern PC build. Flexible, sleeveless braided cables are the way to go and should be provided as standard not as an expensive addon that costs almost as much as the power supply itself in some instances. This is not a specific whinge about EVGA I think all power supply manufacturers need to start thinking this way. I have attached some images which show, what turned out to be the infeasible cable twisting of the ATX and EPS cables needed to complete my build which is currently on hold until I can get a replacement cable kit like those being discussed here.

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