2013/02/01 04:58:25
Just an fyi on the latest release of FAHClient.

FAHClient V7.3.2 released (9th Open Beta) by jcoffland » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:08 am

"This release adds two new major features. 1) a screensaver based on FAHViewer 2) a new user interface which runs in your browser which we call Web Control. In addition, there have been a lot of bug fixes and enhancements since the last beta release and the install process has been streamlined."
2013/02/01 06:07:39
Is it an automatic update if you already have v7?
2013/02/01 06:34:38
Thanks or the news, I'll give it a try a little later on when this WU finishes. Another 2 hours before that happens.
Think I'll uninstall the old v7 and start clean to hopefully insure no problems.
2013/02/01 06:47:25
Be careful with install, I didn't like and had to delete. Didn't have time to fully explore the options, couldn't find expert mode and it crashed when I installed the 7.2.9 version again. I had to completely delete all files and re install. 
2013/02/01 06:48:53
Tank, I just installed this latest Beta version and it installed over my previous version (V7.2.9).  The updated version retained all my Slots and configuration settings as far as I can tell.  That Browser-interface appears to be pretty slick from what I've seen so far.  After I performed the upgrade, I did notice a couple of things that I had to do:
  1. The Browser interface (new icon on your desktop) that you can start after installation looks for the V7 Client to be running and doesn't do anything until that V7 Client is up.  So, I had to start the desktop Client interface and then go back to the Browser to tell it to do a refresh.  Then you can see what the features of the Web interface look like.
  2. Before messing with the Browser interface, I had attempted to first just run the new Client from my desktop and all looked OK on-screen.  But I could not get a new WU to start Folding from within the Client interface by selecting a Slot, right clicking and selecting Fold.  It would not do anything or respond to my selections.  However, going back over to the Browser interface, I noticed that the slider-bar was set all the way over to the left "Off" position.  So, I slid it all the way to the right to the "Full" position.  Going back over to the standard Client interface, I noticed that it had started all of my Slots and everybody had received a WU to Fold.  The right click controls (in the desktop Client interface) are also working now for each given Slot (Pause, Finish, etc).
It will take a bit of time to discover what the new Browser interface is all about, but I kinda like it so far.  I haven't figured out what the selection window does that says "I support [selection] research".  Maybe it's just for grins or maybe does something...I don't know.
2013/02/01 07:08:40
Think I see what I should have done to enable Folding right after I did this upgrade.  The FAH Client icon that shows in your SysTray has some new selections now.  I could have simply selected one of the Folding settings by right-clicking on that Icon in the SysTray.  Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:

  • Web Control is the new Browser interface.
  • Advanced Control is the standard desktop Client interface that we've been used to seeing.
Check out that Browser interface.  I like that it lists all the WU Project details (in tabs) for every WU that I'm Folding (or that is currently assigned to one of my Slots whether paused or not).  I think some people will probably say, "meh...I don't need the Browser interface" and I can see why.  But, I have to also recognize that the folks at FAH are trying some new things that may appeal to people as well.  

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2013/02/01 10:50:30
Regarding that FAH Screensaver that has been implemented in this release, I had to disable it.  It was apparently enabled during the installation and I didn't realize that had been done.  When it kicked-in, it worked for a minute or so and then I got a bunch of layered (tiled) messages on-screen about an Nvidia error.  It also killed my running GPU WU with the log indicating unstable machine.  I promptly got into my display controls and disabled that FAH screensaver.  I've never been a fan of screensavers anyway and don't use them on any of my rigs, but did want to share this experience for those considering installing this latest Beta release.
2013/02/01 11:02:02
any increase in PPD from this update?
2013/02/01 11:02:15
I got it working without having to uninstall the old version. What's weird is that it asks if you want to run Webcontrol but it doesn't work until you start the FAHcontrol. As mentioned, the default is for Medium control and the gpus won't work until you switch it to Full.
2013/02/01 12:34:23
any increase in PPD from this update?

I have yet to finish a WU using this release, so can't comment yet.  To me, I think this update (when released from beta) could be more useful to a new Folder.  For those of us that have been Folding long enough to get comfortable with the Advanced Control of V7, I don't think the web-control applet would offer much.  I got interested in it because of the statement about fixing a lot of bugs and thought..."I'll give this a go".  For those that are tweaking purists, the Advanced Control client (I'd guess) would be their choice here.  I'm gonna stick with this release and mainly use the Advanced Control client.

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