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2012/07/08 07:52:20
Welcome to a fun Spirited and diversified group. We greatly appreciate any and all of your efforts regardless where you choose to place your production. Please feel free to jump in, ask questions and teach us a thing or two! Your new team members range from young folks (One 11 year old I know of so far) to pretty much all walks of life/experience levels and skills.
We are happy to have you with us and look forward to getting to know you.

While we will celebrate new milestones and such, our main goal is to have a productive, safe and enjoyable place to help all of mankind. One data bit at a time.
BTW. Please be aware that there are 130+ different Project Managers (Examples, GPUGRID, WCG, eOn, Einstein, ETC (At last check)) that can have multiple projects inside themselves. Therefore, please feel free to ask any questions, look around and find what "You" want to help in. Some project types use just CPU's, others only us GPU's and some even use both. Heck even some use only AMD or Nvidia GPU's while others can use both . This allows you better control of what you want to do with your equipment and project type. At this point nearly any computer can help. Heck even the oldest laptops can be productive CPU wise with some of the projects
We do not care if you produce 2 PPD (Points per day) or 1,000,000+ PPD. Each project has a different point scale. While two GTX680's can offer 800,000-1,000,000 PPD in GPUGRID or PrimGrid, SETI will only offer about 40,000 (Estimate and only offered as an example) PPD, even though they work the GTX680's to the same extent. .
Welcome, enjoy and Thank You for all you will do and have done. 
P.S. It is suggested that you install the latest BOINC manager and not the WCG BOINC Manager as the latest BOINC manager allows for more up to date/new projects to be added to it and including updated internals... (Link)
2012/07/08 08:05:13
To add to that, some tasks take as little as 10-15 minutes while others can take 7 days or more.  
Some projects offer "badges" that signify a certain amount of work done on projects, some offer the chance to have your name listed as a contributor in research and others give certificates for important discoveries your computer(s) find(s).
Help find cures, find aliens, find ridiculously large prime numbers, help prove/disprove various conjectures, analyze weather patterns, if you can think it, there's probably a project for it.  Go for one project exclusively, or be like me and try to crunch them all, it's all up to you.
2012/10/27 01:20:27
Boinc since the beginning
Einstein,LHC,and T4T

2012/10/27 01:55:34
Welcome MagicPhysicitst!
2012/10/27 05:38:10
Welcome Magic!  Thanks for posting and thanks for joining up with our team.  Kick back, make yourself a cup of joe and enjoy!
2012/10/27 05:44:55
http://stats.free-dc.org/stats.php?page=teambycpid&team=Crunching%40EVGA  You'll find a list of BOINC projects we have a team for.  If there are any you're interested in and we don't have a Crunching@EVGA team for, make a post and one of us will get it created for you.
http://www.dc-vault.com/showteam.php?team=539  Most of our efforts are focused on some of the projects here, not all are BOINC....
2012/11/16 05:52:47
Matt Anderson
I have been doing a distributed computing project for about 4 years now, but I am new to BONIC.  My project of choice is factorization of Fermat numbers.  They are defined as F(n) = 2^(2^n) + 1.  F(0) to F(4) are prime.  F(5) to F(32) have been shown to be composite.  Maybee all the rest are composite.  It would be interesting to find out.  The webpages I have been using are -

2012/11/22 05:34:21
Nevermind, content deleted.
2012/11/23 13:36:25
Anyone know if these run GPU's hotter? I started the other day to test the water and they seemed to run hotter than I liked. Not over clocked and voltages turned down to a safe running voltage.
2012/12/21 21:23:16
So I've been running The Dnet client for you guys for a month or two now.
Seems I'm the only one lately?
Anyway.. ideas on gnodes per day or blocks per day on CPU/GPUs. 
Incase anyone was thinking to run it again.  Some benchmarks on what can be run:
Running OGR  (all 64bit client):
-i7 3930k @ 3.8---   ~60,000 units/day  aka ~655,000,000 nodes/sec
-i7 920 @ 2.8---  ~25,000 units/day aka ~265,000,000 nodes/sec
-Phenom II X4 920 @ 2.8 ~15,000 units/day aka 185,000,000 nodes/sec
AMDs are the Video card to use for RC5... but nVidias will work.
Require CUDA client for 3.0:
-GT440 stock  52,000,000 keys/sec (unsure on daily)
-GTX285 stock 285,000,000 keys/sec    ~7,000 units a day (think I even had it running with 197 drivers and the 3.0 client with no issues)
Require CUDA 3.0 client or OpenCL beta client, but give about the same output with both client types:
-GTX580 stock ~800,000,000 keys/sec ~ 17,000 units a day
-GTX 680 stock ~580,000,000 keys/sec ~11,000 units a day
Require the Stream client and 11.11 driver or older (being 4800s) otherwise they do 2/3 this output given with any of the 12.x drivers.   10.2 did the most output, but made the cards real hot compared to 11.11, and they use less CPU each with 11.11:
-HD4850 stock ~485,000,000 keys/sec or ~10,000 daily
-HD4850 in crossfire stock ~ 965,000,000 keys/sec ~20,000 daily
Only works with Opencl beta client (as of this posting, it may go release soon):
-HD7870 @1000  1,900,000,000 keys/sec ~40,000+ (I run mine at 800 getting 1,500,000,000 / 30,000 per day due to blowing up the first HD 7870 in a week).

All are personal benches!
Both CPU and GPU clients can run together.   I just set the affinity in the task manager  for the CPU client not to use 1 core, or 2 cores if running Crossfire.
  I ran both projects for a long time now.   RC5 I started with Pentium 233 MMX's.. which did maybe 250.000 keys/sec.. lol   I took a break from RC5 when OGR-26 came out, and ran with OGR-27 to this day.   RC5, I just got back into it when someone gave me a HD4850, and it couldn't run Folding so I tried and got back addicted to running RC5.  
My GTX 680 is my dedicated folder, and on the first few days of the month, I try to burn through the "bucks" points with the 3930k running with the 680.   The last TZC I ran .. all I could, even the 7870 with its 7300 pdd, until EST finish lined anyway.    

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