2020/03/28 01:41:30
Yesterday bought some chicken nuggets and fries from the only restaurant open in town (take out only).
2020/03/28 09:20:59
Cool GTX
fresh from the local farm - 4 doz eggs
2020/03/28 12:51:19
Sub sandwiches.
2020/03/28 15:11:11
AMD Ryzen 3600 6-core
Asus TUF 570X m.b.
G.Skill DDR4 16G kit
Evga GTX 1660 6GB GDDR6
Samsung Evo 970 plus Nvme 500Gb
Corsair 550 PS
Fractal case
2020/03/31 15:49:15
I bought to try Diesel Essential T-Shirts.
That's T-Shirt for wear under sweatshirts or similar.

I can't wait to compare with Calvin Klein. They are famous in production good quality of these type of T-Shirts.
Many great things on discounts because Covid-19. I saw Diesel Spring-Summer jacket, original price was 400 euro, it's 190 euro now...
But I afraid to buy online such expensive stuff... and I very hard find stuff that I like. 
Diesel J-Marten Bomber Reversible

Lask jacket I bought Napapijri Skidoo 2.... I couldn't believe jacket was so good.
I didn't expect that at all. I bought 500 euro worth jacket for 210 euro because mild winter in our region just to pass winter before I buy Canada Goose in 2021.
But Napapijri Skidoo surprised me... I can't wait litterary to go somewhere to wear jacket. Litterary I prey for 5-10C every day to wear Skidoo more beforer new Winter.
And White model of J-Marteen have these zippers on back side...
You could wear like that...
Best thing with discounts are not only fact that you save a lot of money... it's fact that example 200-250 euro jacket is not comparable with all other 200-300$ jackets...
If discounts is 40-50% then you she belong in completely different twice expensive class and look much different then if you enter in store and pay full price 200$ for some jacket.
2020/03/31 19:29:35
Tablet from Amazon.
2020/04/02 17:29:13
For those who may be interested - be on the lookout for Lenovo P-series deals.

I was able to pick up a P-73 w/ xeon processor, 32gb of ram, Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 (Max-Q), the works for $2,500 direct from Lenovo. This is a no-nonsense $4,500 machine brand new next day delivery from Lenovo that I am sure was a result of a huge order cancellation. The downside is a thoroughly crap screen at 1080 FHD, but these are desktop replacements and are always docked with external monitors. That is how I plan to use this one.

It’s difficult to say if tech prices should increase or decrease from here. Does demand drop faster than supply?

This was not a laptop I would not need for at least 6-months under normal conditions / but a $2000 price drop could not be passed up.

The price on this laptop has since reverted back to $4,500 on Lenovo’s site with a 3-week build period.
2020/04/02 19:25:53
Candy, and popcorn.
2020/04/03 18:53:52
vegetables for the freezer, just in case. 
2020/04/03 20:14:34

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