is this the best way to route tubes?

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2017/10/10 14:09:05 (permalink)
Adding a block this week. (adding block to loop/gpu)
Gpu Block should arrive today or tomm. 
GPU Block //Swiftech KOMODO NV-LE GTX 1080 Ti VGA Waterblock
Pump/Res/ H320 X2 Prestige
*Display Acer Predator XB321HK 32" 4K UHD IPS NVIDIA G-Sync 
*Storage 1 OS/Samsung EVO 1TB m.2
*Storage 2*=x2 Seagate 4TB IronWolf NAS SATA 6Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache
*Storage 3*=x1 SSD Corsair Force Series LE 960GB
*GPU* = nVidia GTX 1080ti Founders Edition
*CPU*=Intel Core i7 5820k Overclocked @4.4ghZ/
*Cooing* H320 X2 Prestige WaterCooled/Mayhem *Pastel Green* 
*MB*=MSI X99A GodLike Gaming Carbon LGA 2011-v3
*RAM*=Crucial Ballistix\64GB\DDR4 2200mhz
*PSU*=EVGA 850 GQ, 80+ GOLD 850W, Semi Modular
*CASE*= Enthoo Luxe Full Tower Chassis(WHITE)
*NAS*=QNAP TS-509 Pro/RAID5/(5)Seagate #ST3000DM001 3TB @ 10.5 TB 
*NZXT Hue+ Lighting Kit*


###My Main Rig### Nicknamed "Daddys Lambo" 
*Display Predator XB321HK 32" 4K UHD IPS NVIDIA G-Sync
*Storage 1 OS/Samsung EVO 1TB  m.2 
*Storage 2*=x2 IronWolf NAS 3TB Seagate
*Storage 3*=x1 SSD Corsair Force Series, 960GB
*GPU* = Strix GTX 1080ti{Assassin's Creed Origins Edition}
*CPU*=Intel Core i7 5820k Overclocked @4.4ghZ/H320 X2 Prestige 
*RAM*=Crucial Ballistix\64GB\DDR4 2200mhz [Custom Painted Headspreaders/Green]
*PSU*=EVGA 850 GQ, 80+ Gold 850W, Semi Modular
*CASE*= Enthoo Luxe Full Tower Chassis(WHITE) 
*NAS*=QNAP TS-509 Pro/RAID5/(5)Seagate Barracuda #ST3000DM001 3TB @ 10.5 TB 
*NZXT Hue+ Lighting Kit*

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    Re: is this the best way to route tubes? 2017/10/10 21:37:25 (permalink)
    i would go to the cpu from the pump then to the GPU then back to the AIO, not sure the pump would enough volume to supply both the way you have it drawn and over come the resistance 

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    Re: is this the best way to route tubes? 2017/10/12 19:02:04 (permalink)
    I'd agree with Quadlatte. AIO->CPU->GPU->AIO would be the most efficient and reduce the tubing considerably. The CPU will affect GPU temps less than having it the other way around, anyway.

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    Re: is this the best way to route tubes? 2017/10/15 08:36:28 (permalink)
    Agreed on the order, but keep an eye on the temps, and also check the pump itself, if it is feeling hot, you may need to upgrade the pump.
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