Hot!flashing XC3 ultra bios into 3090 FTW3 card voids warranty?

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2021/02/26 10:14:05 (permalink)
Due to the 420, 450w power limit with normal or XOC bios, high pcie slot power draw, total power draw based on pcie slot draw. See here:
Many people (Yes not all, sincemany others have cards that can draw close to 500w with XOC bios) with FTW3 having to flash XC3 ultra bios to get like 50w to 100w more power to hold higher steady clock speed. Does flashing XC3 ultra bios into FTW3 voids warranty? I do not see this anywhere. I imagine Kingpin 1000w bios voids warranty. From EVGA's warranty page it seems like having dual bios makes flashing XC3 bios OK? Since FTW3 has dual bios, bios switch.
  • Unauthorized changes to the BIOS or Firmware on Products that do not have a Multiple BIOS option may cause this warranty to be null and void.
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    Re: flashing XC3 ultra bios into 3090 FTW3 card voids warranty? 2021/02/26 10:25:57 (permalink)
    https://www.evga.com/about/contactus/ If you don't trust what EVGA's own warranty page states.

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    Re: flashing XC3 ultra bios into 3090 FTW3 card voids warranty? 2021/02/27 01:51:19 (permalink)
    No, as long as you leave one vbios stock.

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    Re: flashing XC3 ultra bios into 3090 FTW3 card voids warranty? 2021/02/27 02:13:01 (permalink)
    Here's the thing.  If you RMA the card & it has that BIOS on it, they will probably not be happy about it.
    But if you flash the FTW3 BIOS back on to the card before RMAing it, if the card has any issues (hopefully you don't brick the card, it has 2 BIOSes for a reason, I highly recommend only messing with ONE BIOS switch position & leaving the other one stock - the reason for this is simple: If you brick one BIOS, you can boot on the stock one, switch the position to the bricked one, and reflash) - If you put the BIOS that belongs on it back on it, eVGA really has no way of telling you "did anything" to the card I don't think.
    Not trying to sound shady, but it is what it is, you can mess with the BIOS all you want as long as you put it back to stock before any RMA, and I doubt it would cause an issue... just keep in mind what I said about keeping one BIOS stock to un-brick the card if you break a BIOS.

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    Re: flashing XC3 ultra bios into 3090 FTW3 card voids warranty? 2021/03/04 23:07:26 (permalink)
    What happens if you get the red led of death and can't reflash the bios but have to rma the card? Will evga see that you have the xc3 bios on one of your chips and refuse to rma the card?
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    Re: flashing XC3 ultra bios into 3090 FTW3 card voids warranty? 2021/03/06 06:00:22 (permalink)
    Flashing a vBIOs that is not made for the video card model number is an unauthorized hardware change and yes EVGA has the right to decline an RMA on that basis. If you have a dual BIOs you should be able to flash it back to the original vBIOs. 

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