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2020/01/14 04:50:53 (permalink)
had the laptop for 8 months. no issues, not a single one until now.
hey. yesterday I played csgo and updated my nvidia graphic card, screen was flicked to black for seconds every 2 mins I said aight I'll rollback after my game. but then my monitor just went black?? i turned off the PC, restarted my battery, nothing. still black. decided to plug to monitor with hdmi cable, i could finally see everything (on tv), switched windows boot mode from uefi to legacy then from legacy to uefi, monitor on laptop had an image. turned the laptop off then turned it on, it worked. Today I woke up turned it on no screen, plugged to tv, couldn't go into bios said the TV wasn't connected to anything. I could see everything once the windows properly launched though, tried everything. Installed Nvidia Display Firmware the new one bcs apparently it solved some people's problems, did nothing for me. Came back from work, can't even connect to my tv anymore just says the hdmi cable is disconnected. What is going on???
also my laptop monitor was kinda dark bright if u know what i mean had sounds and everything but today it's just black seems likes it's turned off but there's still sounds.
please help me guys. do you think they'll help me? there's nothing I can do to fix the laptop anymore, everything is black and I don't want to open the laptop as I feel they will think I messed with the graphics card and I'm the one who broke it

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    Re: evga sc15 black screen 2020/01/14 11:43:15 (permalink)
    Have you tried to clear the cmos? Clear CMOS is located on the underside of the laptop. There should be a pinhole that you can insert a paperclip or pick into.

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    Re: evga sc15 black screen 2020/01/14 12:00:02 (permalink)
    Locking as duplicate thread
    see   https://forums.evga.com/FindPost/3023458

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