evga Eleet Question.

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2011/05/24 14:15:52 (permalink)
Hey all, i just wanna get these two things straight here, what exactly those two temps are?

I assume those are NB and CPU thermal aka Cooler surface, i just wanna be certain...
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    Re:evga Eleet Question. 2011/05/24 14:53:32 (permalink)
    I am not posative but I belive THRM is a thermal junctions in the die while system is a sensor near the CPU, actualy just near the 1st PCIe, ( note a hot running GPU can drive up system )  the tempature you need to be concerned with are cores, during stress test, most limit to 85, your cpu reaches a condition known ats TJ Max just north of 100, and down clocks to protect itself, if the down clock is not sucessful, system shuts down.

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