eVGA Z10 RGB Keyboard - LCD won't show Precision X1 stats anymore?

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2020/11/21 11:14:12 (permalink)
I've tried reinstalling the eVGA Z10 Unleash RGB software (the latest one listed for Windows 10 64-bit here on the site), unplugging & plugging back in, nothing seems to fix the issue.
It worked when I first got the keyboard the other day but hasn't worked in the last 2 days.  Noteworthy, nothing else on the system has been changed during that time period.
Keyboard is the Z10 Brown-switches version, model # 803-ZT-N201-KR, the Unleash RGB version is (dated 2019, not exactly encouraging this software/driver hasn't been updated in a year), Precision X1 version is the latest 1.1.1 & has no other issues.
Yes the KB LCD bubbles are clicked in Precison's HWMonitor, yes HWMonitor in Precision X1 is enabled, and yes I've tried unclicking all of them then turning them back on, as well as selecting/unselecting Precision X1 in the keyboard software LCD controls.
Anyone encounter this issue & figure out how to fix it?  Would really prefer not to have ANOTHER monitoring program open (AIDA64) just to get the readouts on the LCD working...

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    Re: eVGA Z10 RGB Keyboard - LCD won't show Precision X1 stats anymore? 2020/11/22 14:44:36 (permalink)
    Had the same issue, went to AIDA64 and never looked back.  You can put way more information on one page of the LCD with AIDA64.
    - Try to use another USB port, i had to plug that keyboard on the back of the motherboard otherwise i could not go in BIOS.
    - Maybe try to re-flash the firmware on the keyboard

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