Hot!eVGA SuperNova P2 1200 Watt CableMod 12VHPWR adapter 2 X 8, 3 X 8, or 4 X 8 pin??

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2022/11/30 21:19:02 (permalink)
I am going to get a GeForce RTX 4080 or 4090 video card and do not want to use the included adapter as I want a little less cable clutter and more importantly cleaner power going to video card. I have this PSU ordered and on the way as I want the best ripple suppression and cleanest power delivery to mitigate/eliminate as much coil whine as possible from my upcoming 4080/4090.
There are options to choose 2 X 8 pin, 3 X 8 pin or 4 X 8 pin. I know that determines how many VGA/PCI-E slots on the PSU it would use.
However would 2 work even though the adapter cables come with 3 or 4. Reason being is I have researched and found that PCI-E connectors on power supplies can supply 300 watt its just that the 150 watt limit was an old ATX spec of some power supplies in the past and most cables these days can handle 300 watt on a 16 gauge 8 pin PCI-E wire. Is that the case with the eVGA SuperNova P2 1200 Watt power supply. I have searched everywhere and cannot find an answer on that even though Corsair and others say their own 2 X 8 adapters can and their PSU 8 pin PCI-E ports can do 300 watts
Want to make sure it will on this power supply or does the SuperNova P2 restrict each VGA/PCI-E port to 150 watt and will need the 4 X 8 pin cable??
I went with the eVGA SuperNova P2 because it has excellent ripple suppression as well as great voltage regulation on 12V and 5V rails and fine on 3V rails and built on the extremely strong Super Flower Leadex Platform which is outstanding in quality and reliability.
I had concerned Corsair HX series which also are good based on Aris reviews, but they needed filtering caps for their slightly better ripple suppression rating which of course would be negated with a CableMod cable.
There is also SeaSonic Prime series which has great ripple suppression and even better voltage regulation per Aris reviews, but they have tripping issues with NVIDIA RTX 3000 series and I assume the 4000 would be no different. Plus their caps only go up to 40C where as eVGA P2 and Corsair HX go up to 47C
And correct me if I am wrong, but if all power could be delivered with 2 8 pin cables since it is going to 1 12VHPWR  which is smaller and provides more power, is it cleaner than 4 cables. Normally it would seem opposite if it was going to bigger cable or multiple 8 pin connectors on video card. But NVIDIA really did it different this gen and it almost seems if no native 12VHPWR on the PSU, 2 8 pin PCI-E cables with 300 watts each to one 12VHPWR is better or maybe cleaner and less coil whine????? Or do I have it all wrong??? Just seems so odd that 4 bigger connectors would feed a small one like 12VHPWR and be good clean power??
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    Re: eVGA SuperNova P2 1200 Watt CableMod 12VHPWR adapter 2 X 8, 3 X 8, or 4 X 8 pin?? 2022/11/30 23:23:59 (permalink)
    For safety you want as many as possible. 4x8 is recommended.

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