can't buy a 1080 sc

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2018/04/13 02:22:16 (permalink)
I bought one last year (5-2017) so EVGA will not sell me now!!!
Come on man it's not like I'm a miner trying to buy 10!
I'm trying to complete my new rig.
EVGA DG-85 case
EVGA X99 FTW-K motherboard.
Corsair Vengeance RGB memory (4x8 32 gig).
EVGA 1200 G2 power supply.
WD NAS 6 terabytes HD and a Seagate 6 terabytes HD.
Can I get some help about this?


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    Re: can't buy a 1080 sc 2018/04/13 03:02:34 (permalink)
    Call EVGA and see what they will do for you.

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    Re: can't buy a 1080 sc 2018/04/13 03:48:25 (permalink)
    I hope hardware for miners and gamers will separate in two directions.
    Because hardware used in mines after 2 year not worth to be used as second hand for cheaper price.
    6 months mining like 3 years gaming.

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    Re: can't buy a 1080 sc 2018/04/13 04:39:25 (permalink)
    6 months mining like 3 years gaming.

    In general, miners don't push their video cards as hard as gamers. And, in general, gamers' usage creates many more thermal cycles on the video card which is much harder on the video card than a constant load.

    Also, it isn't specifically miners which caused a limit 1 per household restriction. It was demand in general. Miner purchases are actually the minority compared to gamer purchases. In the past, EVGA has limited 2 per household since they wanted to acknowledge SLI in gaming. This time, they limited 1 per household clearly because it has nothing to do with acknowledging gamers versus non-gamers and instead has everything to do with increasing the total distribution of a limited supply.

    If you find your other GPU at Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, Microcenter, Fry's, or wherever else, they won't limit you. The EVGA limit is just per-person per-source (where applicable). Or, as mentioned, call the EVGA sales department and see if they can work with you on adjusting your limit.
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    Re: can't buy a 1080 sc 2018/04/16 05:24:17 (permalink)
    Unfortunately we have limited purchases to one of each model per household. There is no expiration of this limit at this time.

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