bios downgraded on it's own

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2021/10/15 07:31:32 (permalink)
So I switch my Z490ftw to a new case and in doing so the bios went back to version 1.03. At first I Thought I accidently hi the bios select switch, but when I switched the bios it had version 1.01. I switched back to the other bios and sure enough it was 1.03. So I had to reflash it back to 1.10. All of my hardware stayed the some. For the life of me I cannot figure out what the heck happened. Has anyone ever seen something like this happen?

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    Re: bios downgraded on it's own 2021/10/15 23:27:29 (permalink)
    1.01 and 1.10 can look very alike at a glance, maybe you were just reading it wrong?!? Thats all i got brotha....never seen that before.

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    Re: bios downgraded on it's own 2021/10/16 12:07:11 (permalink)
    either wmmills hit the nail on the head ... Or ... your original flash never took / completed ... though usually that would leave you with a No Boot issue

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    Re: bios downgraded on it's own 2021/10/22 04:24:06 (permalink)
    Doesn't the Z490 FTW have dual bios? Maybe it got switched during the move?    Never updated the old one?
    (Just thinkin' out loud...)

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    Re: bios downgraded on it's own 2021/10/23 07:40:52 (permalink)
    That's strange but at least you were able rectified the problem. 

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