Hot!ZADAK Introduces the 2018 SHIELD II Water Cooled PC

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2018/11/24 01:23:20 (permalink)
ZADAK has been building water cooled PCs for a few years now. The largest concern with any water-cooled PC is possible damage during transport. The weakest spot of any water-cooled PC is the fittings and tubing. ZADAK took this into consideration; ZADAK built an entire water distribution plate which drastically lowered the amount of tubing and fittings needed. This virtually eliminates the possibilities of cracks. The water distribution plate is a key factor that allows us to make the SHIELD II so thin, efficient and portable. An ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI GENE motherboard serves as a fantastic platform for the top end hardware that powers the SHIELD II PC. ZADAK teamed that up with the latest Intel i7 9700K CPU, RTX 2080Ti graphics card, Samsung EVO NVME SSD and of course our ZADAK SHIELD RGB 3000MHz DDR4. There is also RGB features and easy power off/on.

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    Re: ZADAK Introduces the 2018 SHIELD II Water Cooled PC 2019/03/23 01:36:28 (permalink)
    I want this. who can I throw my money at

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    Re: ZADAK Introduces the 2018 SHIELD II Water Cooled PC 2019/03/23 01:47:45 (permalink)
    Sounds good and hopefully it is a success and we see more water cooled systems.

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