Z490 Dark KP -- modded BIOS issue

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2023/08/25 14:18:24 (permalink)
I recently modified a BIOS (based on ver 1.10), and now no matter what I do, I can't get the modifications to work.

In more details:
I modified the SecurityStub and SecureBoot modules - don't ask why. I flashed it via FLASHBACK with no issues. But when I flash a previously modified BIOS (only changed a few Access Levels since those settings are not visible in the UI by default), which I know for a fact was working before, the modifications don't appear anymore. Even if I want to import my previously saved profiles, it gives an error message -- so something clearly happened.
+ no matter what which BIOS chip I use, it's the exact same behaviour for every one of them.

Could I have triggered some security related flag on the board? Is it reversible? - all responses are welcome

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    Re: Z490 Dark KP -- modded BIOS issue 2023/08/26 08:48:58 (permalink)
    have you tried to flash a stock BIOS with all default settings - After setting default to the currently installed BIOS settings ?
    1) clear CMOS
    2) save default BIOS settings & shutdown PC
    3) unplug PC, wait for capacitors to drain
    4) reconnect power & enter BIOS ( after true Cold BOOT & not a "soft-off" condition)
    5) flash new BIOS .... BOOT from alt BIOS on MB if 1 BIOS is corrupted, then slide BIOS switch to position you want to flash
    and do not skip any of the EVGA  directions for your MB/(published steps) .... make sure your USB drive is formatted FAT32 .... rename BIOS as directed in instructions ..... use the flashback USB port or try other USB ports
    If BIOS security was originally locked & your trying a workaround - contact EVGA for support with proof of ownership after registering the product & uploading the original purchase receipt
    So this was a different issue? ---> https://forums.evga.com/FindPost/3608303

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