Z370 FTW & optane

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2018/02/13 07:56:38 (permalink)
Building a new system and its been a while...
With this board, How would i go about doing a 32gb optane drive, and a 500gb m2 drive... Then i will use normal sata drive or 2 for storage...?

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    Re: Z370 FTW & optane 2018/02/13 09:04:58 (permalink)
    i wouldn't think a optane drive would help any thing with a m2 drive in it [except intels profits ]
    I could see it with a spinner .

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    Re: Z370 FTW & optane 2018/02/13 10:04:20 (permalink)
    i wouldn't think a optane drive would help any thing with a m2 drive in it [except intels profits ]
    I could see it with a spinner .

    Ditto. Intel Optane is really only high speed cache for mechanical hard drives.
    Didn't the hard drive manufactures already do this with those hybrid drives???
    Waste of money if you already have M.2 SSD and\or SATA-3 SSDs

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    Re: Z370 FTW & optane 2018/02/13 14:38:20 (permalink)
    Not worth it IMO, mine is resting in it's box now. It is still not really Windows 10 Ready as well.
    Make sure your Bios SATA Settings are set to Raid Before you install Windows 10.
    You will want to use it for a Standard SATA Hard Drive Not an SSD Hard Drive like your "500gb m2 drive"
    Install your OS with Only the 500gb m2 drive Enabled Keep the Optane Memory Disabled in the Bios until the OS is installed AND Updated.
    Do not Connect your Standard SATA Hard Drive as well.
    Then Enable your Optane Memory M.2 In the Bios.
    Install the Optane Memory Software now but do not set it up.
    Power Off and now install the Standard SATA III Hard Drive Port 3 or 4 if I recall.
    Now run the setup for the Optane Memory Software.
    Best of luck.
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