Hot!Z10 Keyboard - Code to write text to the LCD display?

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2019/12/02 22:34:52 (permalink)
Has anyone written any code to write text to the LCD display?  I submitted a ticket asking how to do this:

I have software I wrote several years ago that allowed me to send text to the Logitech G15 LCD display. Do you have any type of Interface/Library/SDK/API that would allow me to adapt my software to use my new EVGA Z10 keyboard? Or perhaps some sample code?

Their response was this:
Unfortunately our software is not open source so we are unable to provide you with any such API or code, 
we're sorry for the inconvenience, your more than welcome to write your own code for the keyboard and share it with our community over on the EVGA forms.

If I knew how to write my own code to do this, I wouldn't have asked them for a sample.  Has anyone managed to send text to the LCD?

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    Re: Z10 Keyboard - Code to write text to the LCD display? 2019/12/04 18:08:22 (permalink)
    A big difference between Logitech and EVGA. Logitech released SDK for it's g15/19 keyboards. Logitech doesn't force you to register the product, before you can download it's software.

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    Re: Z10 Keyboard - Code to write text to the LCD display? 2019/12/05 14:53:47 (permalink)
    You could try Aida64, it can write to the keyboard.  Way more flexible than X1.

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    Re: Z10 Keyboard - Code to write text to the LCD display? 2020/01/13 13:12:49 (permalink)
    I received my Z10 today, and it did not require registration to d/l Unleash.
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    Re: Z10 Keyboard - Code to write text to the LCD display? 2020/01/14 21:25:59 (permalink)
    I still  find the LCD screen usefull on G15 and G19 and I do have a Z10 keyboard as well.
    OSD never worked well for me over the last 10 years for games and when i need  extra display for overclocking the LCD worked well
    I too use Aida64 as EVGA fonts are too small to read.
    Before unwinder made changes to afterburner we could at least access the fonts and play game to make the display fonts larger.
    It is too bad keyboards with a display screen seen to be now longer in use.
    I now just use an Ipad or old iphone as a second monitor

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