Hot!XR1 vs the competition

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2021/06/03 12:47:37 (permalink)
For people who have used multiple brands what's your take and would you recommend the XR1? Why? Thank you.

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    Re: XR1 vs the competition 2021/06/07 19:33:41 (permalink)
    Nice question I also planned to buy this capture device or the ElGato one.
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    Re: XR1 vs the competition 2022/07/13 19:14:59 (permalink)
    It worked just fine for almost a year then nothing...I disabled hdcp and nothing, hell can't even switch to the 120 passthrough mode. I got this on sale and I still feel scammed...also the fact that you guys require a user to put in their phone number and address just to make an account is scummy.--

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    Re: XR1 vs the competition 2022/07/21 12:00:10 (permalink)
    I've owned around 4 capture cards in my time,
    The Elgato HD, and the MRK 2 pcie card they have, the old hauggpaugg capture cards when they were around, and ive owned the XR1 (non pro ver) for about a year or so now. 
    I bought our XR1 when they first launched, and its been a very pleasant plug and play experience, i have unfortunately not owned any of the modern competition but the XR1's are crazy for the price, and back when i was looking into capture cards they were crazy expensive, once this streaming boom happened, and every company was rushing to deliver a streamer esk product, that was just another boring black box with a single accent color i think evga took a slightly different approach, even tho the setting are a tad bit limited as its geared towards the console gamers, the XR1 is almost like its own audio interface too, having the ability to plug in headphones and a mic and mix the audio onboard the device rather than relying on software its a little limited in the range its able to do that but it does make it great for quick and dirty raw captures at events. sure ill still need a laptop but typically i find it pretty nice. i don't use it all the time tho since its mostly for fun and to show friends some clips when i go places. and who doesn't like that RGB grid on top pretty cool lookin imo :P
    hope this helps if you have any specific questions about the card feel free to ask or even call us directly at 1 (888)-881-3842 and support would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the product ^^

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    Re: XR1 vs the competition 2022/08/08 15:10:14 (permalink)
    I've been having issues with the EVGA XR1 RGB and getting it to work with my Orei UHD-402 hdmi switch. I'm trying to use my second monitor to have my Nintendo switch show up on and my main monitor would be my web browsing and chatting on either Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio either has been a major headache. I have seen a lot of videos and most are for the Elgato capture card and not mine, in those videos the person was able to switch back from desktop to console just by turning the switch off and on. That is what I'm trying to do.....help.
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