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Re: X299 FTW K with Intel i9-10980xe will not POST 2020/06/24 20:34:55 (permalink)
Hi all, Quick Question, My 4 way X58 (762) Died, It had an A1 warranty.... seems this board is the board I will be getting, with the RMA....  I did ask them to make sure it had the latest Bios, and all the accessories, since I cannot use my X59 stuff with the new board... Is the i9-9940x the latest CPU it supports? Since I will have to buy a new CPU, My 980x will not go in this socket, Dang I now have two 980X's I'm not using..... I have been away a while, and have not build since the X58 days, anything I should know, any posts you want to point me at? Any Tips and Tricks for building an X299 FTW K? Anything I should avoid, certain CPU's, memory, etcetera....  God It’s been years since I have done this assume all I will be able to reuse, is my case, and my AX1200 PSU. Do you Get an Affiliate Code Referral, when you Registration RMA, stuff? Which one of you wants it? Not you RJ... I gave you the RTX 2080 one. Got to try to be fair.

The 9940x is supported on the x299 ftw k when using bios version 1.15. 10980xe is also compatible with bios version 1.20. I wouldn't use a psu that is over the warranty period, but you can do as you want.
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Re: X299 FTW K with Intel i9-10980xe will not POST 2020/07/28 17:41:04 (permalink)
Just an Update, the X299 FTW K came in, ended up with the 9980X CPU, the AX1200 PSU worked fine, it's running 2 2080 super in sli or NV-Link. One thing I did find out, If you are going to use the USB3 plug on this board, Plug it in, before you install the board. EVGA sells an extender cable, (Does not come with the board for about $10), you may want one of these. 

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