Hot!Why doesn't Evga make any AMD cards?

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Re: Why doesn't Evga make any AMD cards? 2021/09/16 08:27:25 (permalink)
That's actually kinda wrong, theres more to it then that. What happened was that XFX wanted to sell the new Nvidia series cards but to do so Nvidia insisted they also take a equal share of the lower end cards from the previous series, which they did not want to sit on a bunch of stock that wasn't really going to sell. So they declined Nvidias offer and broke as partners and went ATI/AMD exclusive instead. As we all can see, that didn't work out well for them either.

BFG moved out of GPU sales and went out all together due to that messed up deal NVIDIA was pushing. I'm sure there were others.
Still post fermi release saw some odd and neat 2xx cards as a result. The low profile gts 250 sparkle made comes to mind here. 
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